My biggest pet peeve about D2X...


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My biggest pet peeve about D2X...

I can't stand what Naj's Light Plate has become.
It used to be for ACoWPB/Arty mages in D1.
Now it is quite arguably the best tank sorc armor there is.



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Did you forget how awful Glad's Bane was... and Wiz Spike, and Schaefer's Hammer, and B-Star, and Lightsabre... and a ton more I'm forgetting. These were all things you just left on the ground, now most of them are end-game items

The only decent ones were Windforce, Eaglehorn (to a lesser extent), Stormshield, Grandfather, Doombringer (arguable), Veil of Steel (SP only), and Arkaine's Valor (SP only)... Windforce being the only real end-game item.

... wonder what ever happened to Dreamflange and Demonspike Coat....


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Veil of Steel was good in multi player when left UNID'd, or is that a different helm I'm thinking of?

I mean it more that Naj's Light Plate used to be for one specific kind of sorc and is now for the exact opposite kind. It irks me to no end >_<


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Ah that's the one alright...didn't think it was veil of steel, but how the hell am I supposed to remember a name like that, when I only ever ID'd it once after discovering the trick to using it for a dark mage (the correct term for which I can't remember, but playing with -x light radius so monsters can't see you and stocking up on infrared scrolls).


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Better yet how bought "Templar's Might"
Defense: 1622-1923 (varies)(Base Defense: 487-600)
Required Level: 74
Required Strength: 232
Durability: 60

+170-220% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+250-300 Defense vs. Missile (varies)
+10-15 To Strength (varies)
+10-15 To Vitality (varies)
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+40-50 Maximum Stamina (varies)
+1-2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)

At first glance you are thinking heh not bad at all what is this fool talking about... Then you may notice the 232 str requirement! Holy crap! You show me a paladin with 232 str and still have enough life to actually live untill lvl 74 lol. Even if you do just stick to nm baals to equip this piece of crap, the 2nd you fight a hard enemy in hell that 700-800 life is not gonna cut it. Even getting more than 120 str is getting risky with a pally since you need all the extra life you can get!


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Dude, that maximum stamina and defense vs. missle is so worth the 232 strength requirement. * cricket *



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Oh. Thats what this thread is about. Whining about equipment. And here I thought the most annoying part of D2X currently is


Ahem. excuse me. why yes, it is irritating how high the strength req is on Templar's is. It should certainly be a better armor for such high str....


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Simple answer to that problem: -15% req jewel the thing. Should be 198 strength requirement giving you about 34 base points you can soak into Vita before 74 and then begin maxing out the strength and Hel rune the thing to be worn whenever you get the 232. Other than that - Max Damage LC's of Strength.

My most hated item in all of D2X is the stupid Harlequin Crest. Thing is not all that rare, is regarded as the best helm for a sorc, and has absolutely no enhanced defense or any base resistances, but gives a whopping +2 to all attributes. That's just foolish in my opinion.


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Laughing My XXX Off

That's your biggest peeve??? Equipment changes??? What about the fact that the average d2 player is lower in IQ than pondscum?


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I can play privates whenever I want.
I can't mod Naj's Light Plate to be good for an ACoWPB mage rather than a tank >_<
Unless I played open/SP.
Infact that'd kill two birds with one stone.
But then I couldn't have a dead char at #1 on the sin ladder.