My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve


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My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve

Okay, my berserker has a pretty sweet gear now.

Arreat's with 36 %ed / 19life jewel in it (I don't need any ias so...)
Coh dusk 15/15 (I'm selling this and getting a forti =) check trade forums if ya are interested.)
Laying of hands.

A rare 1 barb sk 26str 4ll 18 @res amulet (self found :D)
15dr string (I should get a verdungo?)
Stormshield (What should I socket in it? I have max dr% and res so should I put dmg jewel or shael in it?)

Raven with dex and ar (I need a better one)

Grief pb 31/348 (Works wonderfully)

Rare str /resist /manaleech ring (I will concentrate sometimes so I get life/mana back.)

Feedback welcome:thumbup:

I have max block, Dr, resists, 3.6k life after BO, 14.5k def, 12.5k AR with berserk.

My charms include various dmg /ar /life/res charms + I have 3 sks (1 of each tree).

Skillpoint layout is basic.
20 swordmastery
20 berserk
20 shout
20 Bo
1p on masteries (total 4), 5 one pointers on warcry tree and leap from combat tree. how
Rest on howl.

@lv 87 atm. (Target = 90-92)

I do not want to give up my max block, I'm loving it too much :strong:

Oh and this is for PvM(E) only.


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Re: My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve

Okay this is my take on the item selection

Arreat's Socketed with 40ed jewel
Fort Archon
Grief Phase blade 30/400 if you can since IAS isnt a problem.
vendungos 15 DR to get max dr with ss.
Highlords Wrath
Raven + Dual leech ar ring
Draculs or Steelrends or 10 CB high stat blood gloves

Reasoning behind this is LoH only works on demons and I prefer damage to everything so I generally choose between blood gloves and rends.

The reason I chose Highlords was basically for the extra Deadly strike because to be honest 35% is not taking full advantage of the skill with a modest level and the already established gear you can have around 65% chance which is quite noticeable.

For sockets
Sheal stormshield or 40 ED


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Re: My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve

Change your amulet to Highlord's.
If possible change your armor to Enigma for mobility.
String of Ears is better than Verdungo in PvM since it has "Damage reduced by" and "Magic Damage reduced by" too.
The 50% Fire Resistance on LoH and 20 IAS makes them my favorite zerk barb PvM gloves, too good to pass up.

Shael'ing your stormshield might be the best option.


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Re: My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve

Why max shout instead of howl first? Assuming your pure berserk, you'll have zero defense anyways when attacking. Howl comes in handy a lot of times too.

I'd shael SS too, since your Max block and you need good FHR & block rate.
Not sure about the rest, since I use a Double-handed zerker not sword + shield heh (changes a lot of the gear).


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Re: My berzeeeerkeeeer: What to improve

I maxed shout first because when I might get blocklocked, I could actually have a chance of survival and getting a howl in.
Anyways I love big def :D