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BabyBeasts, a fresh druid, started his career as sumonner for the Overburdened challenge, see first story here!

Will be leveling until death, then will either join the 99er challenge or join the twinked ones and gather the already dropped skillers and S/U - this Jalal's for example, as will probably follow the Werebear path at some point :)
Jalal's Mane
Totemic Mask
Defense: 297
Durability: 16 of 20
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 65
Fingerprint: 0xbdf3c580
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
+2 to Druid Skill Levels
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+200% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Strength
+20 to Energy
All Resistances +30
+5 to Mana after each Kill
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RFL Spring 2019 round 3 disclosure: best set (second one)
Ber drop has been done by merc on screen border... was so close to miss it! Check at 1'30 :confused:
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[Copy from IFT post in order to have rune screenshots here]

Doing the Pit with IpBanPrevales tonight, some nice drops!

HRs to start with:

And upgrade on merc stuff. Tal Rasha's replaced by:

and a new Insight base :)



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Better late than never - the two HR dropped in the first set of the last round, LoIo (sic) and Ohm, and the set haulpic.



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[Copy from IFT post in order to have rune screenshots here]

Running a bit with BabyBaba at Travincal to find those needed 5/5 lightning facets. Some drops (found more facets but didn't identified them yet for screenshot... will make a one pic when level 94 will be hit or 3 5/5 found (probably first option ;) )

Got soon a barbarian skiller drop

Then the first facet some runs after

Then my easter eggs... have been broken, i found an OhmElEth :D


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Awesome silence! What's the plan for it?
Auradin weapon lastly, but wanted one for a Zealer before I could craft Grief...I now have Grief, but still want to try this one. Was thinking about avenger too, but will need more mana leech sources due to low physical damage. Only point is the monsters fleeing, i'll see how it impacts melee. It can be more useful as crowd control feature, build as to be thought about...


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Update on untwinked and overburdened characters: BabyNinetyNiner and BabyBeasts are now 27 and 42 (on last official updates on topics... updates to come soon)!

On his side BabyBaba is running Travincal to try to find those 5/5 lightning facets (I'm opened to trading offers on that point!), Noobazon is lazily doing cows from time to time, and IpBanPrevales is still leveling towards 95 around the 85 ilvl areas... JohnnyBeGood is resting after his RFL round.

Edit: oh, and necro twins... are probably waiting around the corner, if I need some more variety in game play...obviously a nice moment having so many possibilities!

See you on next update!
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BabyBeasts A5 walkthrough

After the Maul had been found, nothing really interesting dropped before Crystaline Passage

Those frozen areas had been rewardful. The amulet I described in a previous post is one good upgrade:

But this ring too!

Those gloves are used too for now, keeping some MF and bringing some def and resistances

So does the belt:

If those had a third resistance, could have been really good ones due to the repair/ethereal combo

And there also i dropped the currently used antlers

In a long term perspective, dropping those are always nice as part of normal to exceptional rare items upgrade recipe

The halls didn't give muuch, but one could have been nice drop for a running barb:

Nihl death:

And nothing of interest until... still nothing, but Baal is dead :D

Now heading to NM, will target lvl 75 at least to defeat NM Baal. See you all on next update!
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Most of BabyNinetyNiner's progress has been based upon boss running - Mephisto opened it due to a very good map, then Diablo and CS gave good stuff.
The flayer dungeon dropped this MF circlet:

Then these MF boots on the road to Travincal:

Council gave a nice present:

And RNG gave this fcking map! Hope to get something similar in Hell!

Mephisto's first death gave the Milabrega's crown...will be used by merc until Howltusk came to drop

Forge: Ral + PSapphire

First Diablo kill upgraded merc armor:

Then when running CS/Diablo, the first Amn drop, opening the Strength RW possibility:

This eth Tannr Gorerod provided a huge merc damage boost!

Gambling time: was trying to upgrade the belt, and at some point i saw a circlet, and boom!

Diablo kept delivering - now will have to find PDiamonds:

On the very next run, the somehow perfect base for the Strength RW at current level:

Magefist and druid circlet:

But with some life leech and other useful stats: merc upgrade!

Arrived at lvl 35, decided to go to Harrogath. Stopped at lvl 37, just found entry to Crystalline passage, and on the way found this GC, that will replace a low AR/gold find one:

See you on next update!
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BabyNinetyNiner has now unlocked Nightmare, lvl 44 (questing /p3, Ball and minions at /p5)!

A5 has been a breathe, Worldstone levels and Baal room really easy, Baal rewardful..!

Things started with the drop of the Riprap's

Then even if not used - kept aside - this rare scepter is really nice, with two sockets, could have been much better with better skill mods:

And as a Zealer, how can Baal could be more rewardful... on his first death!

Stats are not fantastic by any mean, but it's a really good drop before starting Nightmare. Will run him a bit more i guess :p