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My old babies are kept in their own thread here... let's do a fresh thread for the restart!

Hey all :)

Here i will report my d2 babies, with current stuff goals and skill orientations. If not stated clearly, they are all using GoMule, RWM, and 1.14D (and some trade maybe ? at least some transfer HC -> SC in this thread).

I will also record approximately my LK runs and drops per char for Mal+ runes, with own stats, and Countess runs results for Pul+ runes.

Finally, I will handle a list of the posts in whom i give the story of Vex+ runes and trade of runewords including Vex+ runes.

Challenges my characters were/are/can be involved in
The Hunt for Tyrael's project. Let's find this one armor ;)
The Murios project - let's get to the first thousand mark!
Current mark: 997
Simple table
Rich (BB code):
LightningRiderS 85
ZerkAndDestroy  91
Tournamenteress 93
JohnnyBeGood    96 -- Retreated character
IpBanPrevales   95 -- Retreated character
BabyBaba        94 -- Retreated character
BabySorc        94 -- Retreated character
Noobazon        92 -- Retreated character
BabyNinetyNiner 91 -- Retreated character
BabyPoBones     81 -- Retreated character
DiabloTwoinDC's update table
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----
JohnnyBeGood        Paladin             Hammerdin           96 -- Retreated character
IpBanPrevales       Assassin            Lightning trap      95 -- Retreated character
BabyBaba            Barbarian           WWhirler            94 -- Retreated character
BabySorc            Sorceress           Fireball            94 -- Retreated character
Noobazon            Amazon              Furyzon             92 -- Retreated character
BabyNinetyNiner     Paladin             FanaZealer          91 -- Retreated character
BabyPoBones         Necromancer         Novamancer          81 -- Retreated character
Tournamenteress     Sorceress           Blizzard            93
ZerkAndDestroy      Barbarian           Whirler             91 + 3 and renaming
ThouShallNotDie*    Paladin             VoRBringerZealer    85
LightningRiderS     Amazon              Furyzon             85 + 85
                                        Total              997

Road to 99: follow runners to 99
Untwinked 99ers: untwinked dedicated runners
Overburdened: untwinked runners with additional limitations
Babyhell fast running adventures: fast running characters, limitations are set for each independently

Because I did it, it's part of my forum history. Quickly dead thread, but happened to live for few days ;)

My 2021 goal: a Sept of Guardians! Current reflection state on builds is here!
Paladin: ThouShallNotDie
Assassin: ItsATrap
Failed characters:
None yet!

Assassin class
Paladin class
  • ThouShallNotDie #Twinked #HC #Guardian
    Lvl 85, running LK Hell/shopping for Claws :) His own story thread is here!
Sorceress class
  • Tournamenteress #Twinked #SC #Matriarch
    Lvl 93, Hell complete, see her Mat thread :) Now respec'ed as Blizzard for MF/rune finding purposes, got a 32secs LK map, not circular but straight.
Amazon class
  • LightningRiderS #Twinked #SC #MatriarchRFL means Cows, and Cows mean here is the butcheress, heavily twinked for leveling/questing - now lvl 85, Mat'ed. Her story here!
Barbarian class
  • ZerkAndDestroy #Twinked #SC #Patriarch
    Lvl 91, leveled in Normal/Nightmare as a Concentrate barb (training for HC barbarian to be), and switched to WW to lvl up faster in Hell using normal respec, and will finally be a PitZerker when he will be 92. Currently grabbing xp in CS, see his preparation thread here :)
Necromancer class
  • None yet!
Druid class
  • None yet!
The newcomers - twinked
  • None yet!
The newcomers - untwinked
  • None yet!

LK runs record - all /p7
Note: runtime includes id/muling. I don't go pure runes, i also take charms, elite armors, rare rings/amu/gloves/boots, circlets and tiaras, at the beginning flawless gems but i tend to let them now.
Last runs DD/MM/YYYY: --/--/20--
Chars\Runes     | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
0 runs
Some maths, based upon this thread
How to read:
#Rune <Nb patterns> out of 65535 patterns: roughly can hope #Rune drop every <Nb chests>, so with 6 chests every <Nb runs>.

Nb patterns | Nb chests | Nb runs/rune | Nb dropped | Nb runs total | Run ratio | Drop/run ratio
Ber       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Sur       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Lo        0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Ohm       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Vex       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Gul       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Ist       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%
Mal       0 |         0 |            0 |          0 |             0 |      0.00 |  0%

Last runs DD/MM/YYYY: --/--/20--
Chars\Runes     | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist |
Tournamenteress |   1 |   0 |   2 |   1 |
Nb runes dropped: 193

Looter/crafted with | Location/event | Unique id | Story
N/A                 | Trade          | Vex  HC #01| Giveaway received from DiabloTwoInDC
ThouShallNotDie     | LK run         | Lo   HC #01| Found in LK superchest
ThouShallNotDie     | LK run         | Vex  HC #02| Found in LK superchest
ThouShallNotDie     | LK run         | Ber  HC #01| Found in LK superchest, used to craft HC Chains of Honor #01
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Vex  SC #01| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Gul  SC #01| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | AT             | Vex  SC #02| Found in AT
ZerkAndDestroy      | Travincal      | Lo   SC #01| While leveling in Travincal
ZerkAndDestroy      | Travincal      | Sur  SC #01| While leveling in Travincal
Tournamenteress     | Mausoleum      | Ohm  SC #01| OBP Tournament first set drop
ZerkAndDestroy      | Travincal      | Cham SC #01| While leveling in Travincal
Tournamenteress     | AT             | Jah  SC #01| Found in AT
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Vex  SC #03| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Sur  SC #02| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Gul  SC #02| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Gul  SC #03| Found in LK superchest
Tournamenteress     | LK run         | Gul  SC #04| Found in LK superchest
Screenshot/vid post links and eventual trade references
Vex HC #01 - Giveaway post
Lo HC #01 - Screenshot
Vex HC #02 - Screenshot
Ber HC #01 - Video
Vex SC #01 - Screenshot
Gul SC #01 - Screenshot
Vex SC #02 - Screenshot
Lo SC #01 - Video
Sur SC #01 - Video
Ohm SC #01 - Video
Cham SC #01 - Video
Jah SC #01 - Video
Vex SC #03 - Video
Sur SC #02 - Video
Gul SC #02 - Video
Gul SC #03 - Video
Gul SC #04 - Video
Note: only the ones involving HRs here, lowers won't be followed.
HC Chains of Honor #01 in Archon plate
HR used: Ber HC #01
Base has been traded with WoRG and has 10ed.
Tracked disclosure here.

SC Call to Arms #01 in Flail
HR used: Ohm SC #01
Tracked disclosure here.

SC Grief #01 in Phase blade (35/390)
HR used: Lo SC #01
Tracked disclosure here.

SC Enigma #01 in Archon plate (754def roll)
HR used: Jah SC #01, Sur SC #01, Sur SC #02
Tracked disclosure here.

SC Merc Fortitude #01 in e-bug Great Hauberk (27 allres)
HR used: Gul SC #01, Gul SC #02, Gul SC #03, Gul SC #04, Vex SC #01, Vex SC #02 giving a Lo
Tracked disclosure here.
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hey babyhell welcome back. im looking forward to following your progress in HC. Definitely something I'm interested in exploring perhaps in the future!


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Preparing LK running reports...
Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs
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Edit: map with running path

After the first LK running sessions, here are the results for the first batch of 150 runs with ThouShallNotDie, my HC VoR zealer

First of all, the map found in few tries, less that a dozen:

The first shrine on the bottom right of the waypoint is a gem one regularly, i'd say once each 30 runs average. Not much, but enough to keep a flawless in inventory :) Also, i can alternate between two pathes at start - if i see monster on the left side, i go by the right one. Slightly longer, but has some poppables too, and the area is opened, making it easier to avoid monsters.

Average run is around 60/65 seconds, starting at Kurast, healing with Ormus, then perform the run.

Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   6 |  20 |  14 |   0 |   1 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   1 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 150
The Pul went to drop early

Pattern ID_71

and the Lo during the last stretch of 10, about 10 runs after a PCombat 27lifer

Pattern ID_138

Also, an upgrade on Rhyme shield thanks to poppables, a 31 allres Sacred rondache

Other drops weren't that good, but some charm upgrades were found - that's the pleasure in early LK running... later, when stuff is better, the runs are done mostly for Sur drops!

See you on next update!
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Another round of 50 this morning, with the idea to transfer some stuff HC -> SC to tournament sorceress for leveling. Got some nice drops, even if runewise it was so so, the best ones were two Ko, one from poppables.

Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   4 |  12 |   6 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 50
The biggest charms dropped quickly in the first 15 runs, and getting allres is a must. Getting some FHR on the large one is good bonus:

Afterwards this FCR ring will be nice to help sorceress at lvl 9, and the +1 Teleport staff will allow to put points in other parts at start:

Well... is this armor worth a quest? To be decided, not sure i'd go for a Fortitude on the Paladin, maybe a CoH would be a better choice, keeping Fortitude for the merc.

This ring helped to get the lacking points in poison res, so it's now a 75allres paladin :)

Finally, this tri-res belt... will probably be kept for leveling other HC characters later:

See you on next update!


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Today i started Tournamenteress, the SC sorceress for Off the Beaten Path tournament. There will be a post on her later, for now she completed act 1, at lvl 19.

In the middle i made an hour of LK running again - that's about the time for the 50 runs batches i decided to make, considering muling etc.

So here are the results - yes, no new good one:
Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   6 |  10 |   3 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 50
Well apart of that, what did he found?

Nice small charms!

And two rares... that are close to be really good - is there a build for the Tiara to be useful?

Why necromancer!

And... that's it. Well! 50 runs to go to see if the first 150 runs can be representative for HR drop rate :p (i guess no, but... i'll see later tonight!)


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Tournamenteress officially added to my character list. She is now questing in Act 4 Normal, currently lvl 28, almost 29.

The story begins

Mephisto has been the first boss dropping S/U oO

She is a pot hole, she really needs an Insight on merc (who needs to be stuffed for all parts): hopefully one of the Battle scythe found on rack by ThouShallNotDie will get 4os, if not one will at some point, but for now she will be paused until it is solved!
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Normal mode completed with Tournamenteress, thanks to @drmalawi and @Gynli things are really sped up!

First huge upgrade has been made thanks to ThouShallNotDie, who found a 4os base... but that was a troll. Dexterity requirement wasn't met by merc!

So we crafted an emeralded 2os mask to equip it.

Afterwards, teleporting was really more efficient, even with this only lvl 14 Meditation aura. Forge dropped a Ral - and emeralds...

You needed dexterity?

Diablo has been slained really easily, the only hard part has been with the Venom lord pack super-unique - i missed the name right now, merc couldn't tank efficiently enough. But static make bosses a joke, so...

Shkenk minions dropped that... don't know if it's worth a keep for a Lore runeword for Barbarian leveling?

Ancients were statically defeated in few seconds, bringing Tournamenteress to lvl 36+

Then there has been some Pindle running in order to hit lvl 41, and have enough XP to equip the War Traveller's on the way to Baal. Good idea it seems!

After this fight she is lvl 43+, and now will grind some levels more to facilitate NM run through - take easy XP right now, to get to Hell Mausoleum/Crypts as fast as possible!

See you on next update (probably a LK running session, Pally needs armor upgrade, maybe shield too but it will be considered after having found/traded a Ravenfrost)!


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It will be a Meteball pure fire sorc, and she is planned to run the Crypt/The Mausoleum for the fun of it, at least at start. She may well try several locations in the end, but it will start where each and every thing does... act 1 ;)

For now, she has spent points as follows (lvl 43, normal quests done):
Warmth 5
Fire bolt 5 (for starting, it may be respec towards mastery)
Fireball 20
Meteor prereqs 3
Meteor 9
Fire mastery 3

And static field 1 point

On top of that, she has a Leaf with an automod giving 1 point in Frozen armor - because why not, haven't found better at that time :p

The plan is maxing Meteor then Mastery, at lvl 71 :)


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Two batches tonight, let's start with the 251-300, which brought a Mal:
Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   6 |   8 |   8 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   1 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 50
And finally after a leveling/base search session which gave nothing, the 301-350, with a Vex!
Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   6 |  11 |   7 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   1 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 50
Other drops were good also!

The jewel to put into... don't know yet!

The Mal drop, pattern ID_99

And a nice mana+life GC to complete the 251-300 session valuable drops

So after some time to try to find a base, get some xp (and don't get mad at running LK all night long), back to LK, with some uniques this time:

Wizardspike, I like this item, huge FCR and allres!

Amazon stuff incoming

The Vex drop, pattern ID_127

Another nice jewel, IAS + something... not that useful, but still

Good sessions overall. At that point, a Lo, a Vex and a Mal in 350 runs, a PCombat lifer, some charms of res/allres. Also a 4os sword has been found and will be delivered to Tournamenteress to switch from Leaf to Spirit + Lidless wall. Let's see what happens on the next post!


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Tonight's batch topped with a Fal rune, and... i guess the game is trying to tell me something oO
Chars\Runes     Ith-| Tal+| Sol+| Lem | Pul |  Um | Mal | Ist | Gul | Vex | Ohm |  Lo | Sur | Ber |
ThouShallNotDie   4 |  11 |   7 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   1 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |   0 |
Nb runs 50

Nothing really interesting apart of that, so... let's hope something better next time :)


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Tournamenteress is now lvl 59 almost 60. I have internet cut, using the phone for report #LongLifeSPF

Found quite some s/u running Baal, and one nice rare mid level paladin shield with sockets, deflection mod, nice 34 allres, 17fhr for main mods. Not anything to compete with a Rhyme runeword, but still interesting from a Rare point of view.

Planning to start NM at lvl 60 to 62, I guess it will be time to push forward now and lvl up later!
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Edit: pic added.

On his side, ThouShallNotDie hit lvl 78, and has completed a new batch, now 50 runs close to the 500 mark. Some more runes than average, but none really good.

On the drop side, a Goldwrap, a Graverobber skiller with 4 strength, and a really nice 31enhanced damage 15 ias jewel! Will certainly not be used by this character, but it is always nice to have!

See you on edit update for details on rune counts as I started to do usually, maybe with last stretch to 500 and some thoughts about those runs :)
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Had small time this evening, decided to lvl a bit Tournamenteress. She has now passed lvl 61, and it turnt to be Baal running only, as Pindle is not giving much xp anymore...

Only funny drop has been a Goldwrap - not that it is particularly funny, but ThouShallNotDie got his own during his last LK session, kinda two in a row, one HC and one SC :)

Will get to lvl 62 so she can use an harlequin crest and Gheeds, probably get to NM from that, and lvl later at Mephisto NM or Baal NM. Started to pump Strength again for Spirit monarch, in about 9 lvls - Rasha and Monarch will deliver a nice combo, i have to check FCR status at that time but shouldn't be bad!

Will try to get the next lvls quickly anyway, new Tal Rasha's pieces are at lvl 65, 66 and 67, last one being the armor at lvl 71. Who doesn't like to be shiny? :p


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Edit: pics added.

Tournamenteress is still running Baal...and just hit lvl 66!

It seems kinda crazy, but in fact Lister's team and Baal were still giving 2kk xp, and were therefore still valuable in my opinion as a run is done under the 3mn mark #FeelingGodly

Moreover, Baal is a nice dropper, got some new S/U and nice rares, the best ones being an upgrade on the Vipermagi (3allres 11 magic dr), and a rare amulet with 2 fire sk, 11allres and 10fcr! Will be used for two levels (dropped around lvl 65, tal amu is lvl 67), but it's a nice one nonetheless, and will deserve a post in the IFT when internet is available on PC. Anyway, it will for sure be kept for leveling other twinked sorcs!

Ghoul Wing
Required Level: 30
Fingerprint: 0xa2f465c8
Item Level: 60
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Fire Skills (Sorceress Only)
+10% Faster Cast Rate
Replenish Life +3
All Resistances +11
Damage Reduced by 1

As lvl 67 allows using tal's amu, and if the xp is still worth it, i'll get there baal running on next session, unlocking the -15 fire res of tal's weapon and the 65 mf partial set bonus while keeping the Shako - which is a much better part than tal mask in my opinion, even for unlocking partial set bonuses. Things change for full set bonus, but it is another story :)

See you on next update!
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Edit: pics added.

As planned, Tournamenteress did a dozen of Baal runs to hit lvl 67 and complete 3 pcs Rasha while keeping Shako.

After that, she rushed to Andy, and given the nice map, ran her for an hour and a half, hoping - at evidence - for rings, as she is heavily twinked and going full Rasha set she doesn't need amulet, and allres was much awaited.

After some Cathan's, uniques and rares of no real interest, including a Nokozan amulet, manalds and Nagelrings - with 3 nice ones being 29/28/28MF - she decided to move on and keep her current fcr setup.

While questing in Act 2, she managed to finally find something!

ilvl 49. Not using it for now due to lack of resistances, but kept preciously for later!

At lvl 67, with the +skills and even with a lvl 14 meditation aura only, teleporting is basically free. Therefore questing was really really fast, and in the end hit lvl 68 when rescuing Anya, ending the sessions with a Pindle lvl to get to 69.
Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Meanwhile, suffered two deaths in Act 3 for first Travincal fight, then in Act 4 when I fcked up with teleporting and got raped really fast under curse.

Anyway she is now really close to Hell - also two levels close to full rasha - and access to the Mausoleum in time is now acquired.

See you on next update!

Edit: now running Baal NM for some levels before entering Hell, lvl 73+ for now. Managed to find a Pul in the Throne room!
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