my assa... anything wrong ?

my assa... anything wrong ?

Hi all

I am planning to make myselve a new assa, for PvM use ONLY. It will be a NON-trap using assa (since i already have a trapper), depending only on martial and shadow skils.

I have made a set-up, including skill point allocation, and items use, which i need some comment on from the assa experts on this forum.

First the items:
Claw 1: bar tucs
Claw 2: bar tucs
Helmet: shako
Armor: chains of honor
Gloves: +2 martial arts + 20 ias crafted gloves
Belt: verdungo
Boots: dunno yet, have to be myrmydion greaves for sure
Ring 1: raven
Ring 2: bul
Amulet: mara
Inventory: 8 * martial skiller + anni + some more sc’s

Tiger strike: max
Dragon tail: max
Phoenix strike: max
Claws of tunder: max
Dragon flight: 1 pnt
Cobra strike: 1 pnt

Burst of spead: 1pnt
Weapon block: 1 pnt
Shadow master:1 pnt
Mind blast: 1 pnt

All prereq’s 1 point

Total 94 points. (finished at lvl 82)

With this set up i will have +12 to all skills and +12 to martial arts, making the shadow skills lvl 13, and the maxxed martial arts lvl 44.

I am not so much worried with my stat points allocation, that will work out just fine over time.

So far … so good.

Now the questions:
What to soccet my bar tucs and shako with?
? Jah for ITD in tucs?
? Resist all in shako?

Do i have enough ias to reach fastest attacking speeds? (i thought yes, but just checking to be sure)
Or do i have to much ias? (in which case i can look for other nice mods on gloves)

In general.. will this work? Is there anything missing, or something i overlooked?
cmon all... i really could use some advice etc here...

unless you all think i have designed the perfect build... and that is a little hard to believe for me :evil: :bonk:


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Looks good. A few comments/suggestions:

1) Boots: Shadow Dancers/Upg. Gore Riders (I'd go with Shadow Dancers, you don't really need the OW/CB/DS)/
2) Claw2: Possibly Jade Talons, if you can't get high resists in Hell.

Skills look fine(this is a pretty cookie-cutter TS/DTailer, in fact). Consider some points in FoF after maxing the other skills, to boost Meteor damage.

1) IMO, no. You should have more than enough AR, between the +40% from akimbo Bartucs and TS/DTail themselves.
2) Sounds alright.

You'll need 26% more IAS on equipment to reach the speed cap on Kicks. To reach the speed cap on TS attacks, though, you'll need 42% more IAS. <this is assuming you're using Fade>

However, with your +skills, even 1 natural point in BoS will get you over the both speed caps with plenty to spare(even without the 20% IAS gloves, which you can switch out for something else, without affecting your speed).
thanks nali, that was the advice i was looking for... and indeed... i missed a few things.

the ias thing... i was pretty sure i needed another 20 ias or so next to my BoS, but that seems all set now. i will look for other mods on my gloves.

the jah in bartucs seems a bit of overkill indeed, might as well use that soccet for a resist all juwel to get resists to max.

i DO however still have one problem left... the boots.
since i play NO ladder i don't think any of the options you gave are availeble :xeek:
as far as i know upgrading a unique can't be done in NO ladder realm. and those nice unique myrmidon greaves can't be found :xx:

do you have any suggestions where i could get myselve a nice pair of myrmidon greaves?

thanks again

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greenfire10 said:
do you have any suggestions where i could get myselve a nice pair of myrmidon greaves?

thanks again
Shop for magical ones with usefull mod (a friend of mine found blue myrmidon with 40% frw for example), or try imbuing white ones.
hmmm.. imbue... that is good one...

and where can you shop for these things ? larzuc hell ?

and indeed... just myrmidon greaves with 40% faster run seem all i need.


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You can also gamble a pair of rare boots. Rares can be upgraded non-realm, so you could find a pair of greaves or war boots with good mods and cube them up to myrmidon greaves.