My 1st ladder mf barb...Help!


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My 1st ladder mf barb...Help!

Hi i am returning to the gameafter an 18 mth exodus :p I had just made a ww mf barb after my summoning necro and its been going well ...till i hit hell :(
My lvl 74 WW mfbarb has prblems leeching and hitting bosses!

Gear :
332ed eth 'Oath' BB (good bless larzuk and my necro :p)
double ali babas on switch
shield for melee areas : storm
shield for high elemental dmg areas : 2p-diamond mosers (lol)
p-top shako
p-top skullders
+1 barb/15str/5ll/resists ammy
manaheal ring
4ml/15dex/resists rare ring
sigons gloves + belt
sanders boots

Total life leech : 15%
Total mana leech : 10%
AR : 4180
Life after BO : 2k
1-h dmg : 3.8k (with storm)
i had maxed WW, BO, SM and in the process of maxing shout.
My problem is leeching and hitting monsters in hell act 5 :(
After reading threads i concluded that :
A) I need to level him to lvl 85ish
B) I need DS/CB from gores/highlords/etc
c) I need more AR/leech?

My other questions are :
1) Does a souldrainers with -50 def per hit and dualleech make te best final mf barb gear *and* help in chance to hit?
2) Should i just allocate pts to str or just maintain max block with pts into dex and vita for more life?
Thka in advance to anyone who could help @@ Oh byt he way where is a great mf barb guide?


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Wow you've been away for quite some while...the problem with leech is that it has been severly nerfed especially in even if you get a decent amount lik 10-12% it still won't feel like much. You got the three a,b,c's right..

1. Souldrainers are a decent glove...but the -50 defence isn't very really need a -% reduction for it to be effective. And the x% chance to cast Weaken won't work with Whirlwind..Instead you should probablt try Immortal Kings boots+belt+glove...they are pretty much the new Sigons I can see you're wearing now...they should give a good boost to attack rating, life, resists and other goodies.

2. Most people would advice against putting points in strength...and I am one of those people...Staying alive and killing in Hell is you need all the life you can get and Barbarians get 4 life/vitality so enough strength for your gear and rest in vitality...that's an order. This is also pretty much the standard way of allocating stat points for all characters.

Also try to get rid of that Manald Heal should be able to find a rare that can beat its sorry ass. Also no point in having lots of MF if you can't kill anything and you die all the time...try to find the right balance.

Hope this helps:) good luck


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yea use ik belt boots and gloves, and as added stat ont eh boots youll also get 25% more mf which works with your mf build :)... they also give you 20 str and 20 dex which is quite nice... so i agree with the kid who posted before me...


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Hey thks to all you guys for your inputs :D Managed to trade for a highlords and a low war travellers and my killing/leech rate really improves by a bit hehe. Also i switched to draculs and concentrate a bit till the life tap kicks in and wow lol. Still need a few more levels and now doing pit runs, shenk and eldricth :p Pindle is being a difficult woman sometimes ifhe spawns manaburn *and* PI :( Also i think mosers is a really under rated shield as it has rather good blocking (62%) and with some i have rather ok resists in hell too :D So u guys think i should stick to this gear or still go with ik set bonuses? Thinking of getting a gore for even faster kill rate - so what u guys think?


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Oh ya on switch i have an ali baba and a doombringer and i can still whittle bosses/super uniques to little life and still get a kill - dunno if this is possible with dual alis on switch? I was thinking of getting high ed alis and upgrading them and sticking a shael so at least they hit -10 WW. Any thoughts to share with this tactic of mine? Thks in advance :p


... and many monsters are unleechable.
% damage goes to mana I find it very difficult to do without. You can have 100% mana leech and not be able to WW due to mana burn.

I use Insight Polearm on my sorc merc. That's another option. It's cheap and has huge damage.