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My #14 Patriarch: Nobby, a Stormlash Fanatic Zealot

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Greebo, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Greebo

    Greebo IncGamers Member

    May 2, 2008
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    My #14 Patriarch: Nobby, a Stormlash Fanatic Zealot

    My first Pally! Patted about a month ago, finally got to write the thread. I figured: since everybody has 'Grief' nowadays, if not 3 of them, what would be a cool weapon to use? Well, this is:

    One-Hand Damage: 10 to 285
    Durability: 37 of 65
    Required Dexterity: 77
    Required Strength: 125
    Required Level: 82
    Mace Class - Fastest Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: **
    Fingerprint: 0xa7a5a030
    +257% Enhanced Damage
    Adds 1-473 lightning damage
    50% Increased Attack Speed
    150% Damage to Undead
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 30
    33% Chance of Crushing Blow
    +6 Lightning Absorb
    20% Chance to cast Level 18 Tornado on striking
    15% Chance to cast Level 10 Static Field on striking
    Socketed (1: 1 used - 'Shael')
    I only ever found one, and it took me like 6k AT runs. That's commitment right there. And what's the point of finding cool items if I never get to use them?

    I want to make a synergy-based CtC Tornado druid too. I just have to learn to love druids first.

    The name: My love for Terry Pratchett is well established. Corporal Nobby Nobbs is a member of the City Watch. Nobby is a human, he's just probably the first one ever who needs to carry around a piece of paper proving that fact.

    The design: Fanatic zealot. Hold LMB, get bored, rinse, repeat.

    Nobby, Level 84 Paladin

    Str  98/125
    Dex 108/128
    Vit 297/317
    Ene  15/ 15
    Life 1,391
    Mana   179
    (no 'Call to Arms' this time)
    Resistances: 75/75/86/75
    LCS highlights:
      Damage:   313 - 5,000
      AR:       14k
      Zeal:     4/4/4/4/8 (fastest possible)
      33% Chance of Crushing Blow
      12k Defense
      75% Chance to Block
      49% FHR [5 frames @ 48%]
      29% Life Leech
      12% Mana Leech
    Zeal 20 [24] + Synergy 20
    Holy Shield 6 [10], Vengeance 1 [5]
    Fanaticism 20 [22]
    Resist Lightning 12, other useful defensive auras 1 [3], Vigor 3 [5]

    Honestly, next time I'm skipping the ridiculous LightRes, it's pointless. I'm dumping stuff into Vigor. It's an awesome skill.

    Weapon: Stormlash ('Shael')
    Shield: Herald of Zakarum (PDiamond)
    Switch: Demon Limb ('Hel') for Enchant
    Helm: Vampire Gaze (20% PDR, 8% LL, 7% ML, 'Um')
    Armor: 'Fortitude' AP
    Belt: String of Ears (15% PDR, 14 MDR, 7% LL)
    Gloves: Dracul's Grasp (10% LL, +5 LpK, +13 Str)
    Boots: War Traveler (50% MF)
    Amulet: Metalgrid (28 ResAll / 420 AR / 315 Def)
    Ring 1: Ravenfrost (20/242)
    Ring 2: Rare (4% LL, 5% ML, 78 AR, 9% LightRes)
    Charms: Gheeds, AR, Resistances, Life and 49% of FHR
    He's been naked for a month and I don't recall the specific charms.

    Act 2 NM, Might
    The Reaper's Toll
    Vamp Gaze ('Um')
    eth Shaftstop ('Um')

    Comments on the Gear:
    I was really happy about this setup because:
    (1) I finally got to use Stormlash
    (2) I finally got to use Metalgrid
    (3) I finally got to use Dracul's Grasp

    This setup has two disadvantages:
    - Absolutely no FHR on character. Everything must come from charms. Not a problem for me, but it puts some constraints there.
    - Dracul's Grasp and Reaper's 'compete' with each other constantly overriding one another. On the other hand, (almost) any given time one or the other is active. Both increase safety tremendously, so it's a kind of win-win.

    Fun: 7/10
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Future: Retirement

    Journey & Musings:
    I started this character back in 2008 and he was parked at the end of NM, so not much I remember about that. Probably 1.09-Raven-bazooka. Then Zeal a decent weapon.

    I leveled him to 82 using Horizon's Tornado in the Pit, I figured it was fitting somehow. Let me tell you - Horizon's is way way less powerful of a weapon than Stormlash. That part wasn't fun.

    Once he got to equip the Lash, he was a lot of fun to play. Both chance to cast Static and Tornado trigger often and are pretty cool. The way Zeal works, every time you fight a pack, it's pretty much like they had only half the life. Not bad.

    He had a pretty bad luck when it comes to suffering from lightning:
    - Bremm Sparkfist spawned with conviction. He's a Pally, so the right Aura on, and it's like the green circle isn't even there.
    - One of the Ancients was Lightning Enchanted, another spawned with Conviction. I didn't even switch Fanaticism out. 29% Life Leech for the win.

    In general, I decided to never ever more dump more than 1 hard point into resist lightning. Especially when wearing 'Fortitude'. No conviction = no problem. Conviction => turn Resist Lightning on. There's a nice Vigor aura right next to RL, which is way more fun and useful.

    From other interesting events, I forgot to repair the weapon, so I had to punch my way through in Act 4 Hell. Strangely, I didn't even die then.

    Also, Lister spawned PI. Decrep was taking care of it, but Life Tap kept overriding. Ended up taking my gloves off. The lash took down half his life with Static though, which was nice.

    Hell Hellforge was an Ist, cool.

    Overall, I'm quite happy with this character. Was fun to play, though a tad too much click-and-forget at times.

    Thanks for reading!

    PS. Just remembered: I tried Act 1 Rogue with Windforce with him for a moment. Not a good idea.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2010
  2. RobbyD

    RobbyD IncGamers Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Re: My #14 Patriarch: Nobby, a Stormlash Fanatic Zealot

    Congrats on the Pat!

    Wow, what a weapon that is!

    I did a Schaeferdin in 1.09 and went with a Lightsabre socketed with a perfect Bright Jewel of Thunder (1-100 to get the total to 2-300) on Conviction switch for PIs.

    Stormlash appears to be a combination of both of these weapons + big CB and fast speed for true uberness! I don't know why I don't see more Stormlash based characters (unless it's just that rare that most people don't have one).

    When you say difficulty of 2/10, does that mean this was an easy character to beat the game with? Seems like that weapon would just pwn throughout the game!

    I noticed no mention of Sanctuary or Conviction... does that mean you didn't have enough trouble with Ghosts to merit usage of those? Was Decrep from the merc enough to deal with all the PIs?
  3. Doctor Clock

    Doctor Clock IncGamers Member

    Jul 20, 2004
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    Re: My #14 Patriarch: Nobby, a Stormlash Fanatic Zealot

    Welcome to the world of Paladins. Congrats on the Pat. Nice to see the Lash put to use.
  4. Greebo

    Greebo IncGamers Member

    May 2, 2008
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    Re: My #14 Patriarch: Nobby, a Stormlash Fanatic Zealot


    It's much easier to make 'Grief' or even 'Beast' than it is to find a Stormlash. And they do provide better damage, though IMHO less style.

    Another factor is requirement level of 82. If you're leveling using 'Grief', switching to Lash once you get there will seem like almost a punishment I assume. Which is why I decided against using uber-RW and went with Horizon's.

    It does. Click-and-forget. What character with decent damage and 29% Life Leech could possibly have problems in Hell?

    I did get Vengeance and did use it for some unbreakable PIs. The way I see it, the character was build around Zeal and Fanaticism, so he wouldn't do too well as a Conviction Avenger. Fanatic Avenger? Sure.

    I didn't get Sanctuary and it turns out I didn't need it. When I was surrounded by a group of ghosts, Decrep would trigger, then Life Tap would trigger and so on. I could always Leech quickly and was doing damage with Static and later elemental damage off the Lash.

    I guess Sanctuary would have made this simpler, I just forgot. :withstupid:


    I definitely intend to make one more character using the Lash. It's a pretty cool weapon.



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