My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid


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My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid

Hi there! I started playing some after a long break and this my ultimate 1.09 character. It combines Lighning fury javazons best with Windforce bowazons best to multi-elemental killer. Its hard to get going, but when you do.. it won't stop.

Skilz at lvl90 all tasks completed:
Bow tree:
primary skill Guided arrow. 20 points here of course, prereq 1(magik arrow)
Multishot 3, for early game help
Freezin arrow 20 for group killin', prereqs 2
Fire arrow 1, remember, this translates 1/2 of your physical dmg to fire dmg, with Windforce it's plenty. Youll need it against PI monsters with high lightning&cold resistance.

Javelin tree:
Lightning fury 20 for mass slaughter, prereqs 3

Passive&Magik tree:
Dodge, avoid & evade one each
Critical strike 7, with equip 13 that is optimal in points vs benefits comparasion(63% maybe, see amazon's skill tree)
Pierce 20, high lvl here helps making 3rd and 4th pierce altough chances of 1st don't much improve. Remember, 1.09 Guided arrow pierces. Prereq penetrate 1 point( not much need for extra AR, because Lightning fury, guided and fire arrow always hit.

Other skillz: no points needed so far.


All equipment mentioned here is classy: Mine is singleplayer found and legit(it took a lot time and mfbarb to get here). With this stuff and mentioned skillz Hell Baal (and just about any other) runs are safe and fast with players three mod on single player game. Remember, players x mod creates harder monsters with more item drops, including runes. I got Jah from Greater hell spawn:smiley:

Weap1: Windforce(shael)
Weap2: Tiatans Revenge
Shield: rhyme, Moser's etc.
Headgear: Harlequin Crest(ptopaz)
Body: Skullder's Ire(ptopaz)
Boots: War Travs
Belt: Nosferatu's Coil
Gloves: Laying of Hands
Jewelry: Mara's Kaleidoskope, Raven Frost, Bul Kathos wedding band

All together this stuff gives most of essential suffixes icluding:
Cannot be frozen & Freezes target, 6-8% mana & 8-18% life steal, physical and magik dmg reduced, faster run/walk, enough attack speed to pass -65 breakpoint, plenty of extra dex, vit, enrgy and most importantly strenght to wear Windforce, about 250% magik find(again, in percentage vs benefit comparasion this is about optimal and leaves room for other mods too), knockback, all resistances AND +6/+8 to all skills depending on equipped weapon(+10 to Javelin tree with Titan's). Of course 350% demon dmg doesnt hurt on boss runz either:grin: Indeed, there's mostly demons on boss runz.

Note that you'll need gloves' 20% and Nosferatus Coil's 10% increased attack speed to pass -65 breakpoint with shaeled Windforce.(not quite sure about this, correct me if wrong)

In addition you'll need some vita-, mf- and resistance(lightning mainly, for LE/MS monsters)charms. Resistances of this char are quite low or negative, but it really doesn't matter cause you'll kill from distance before getting hit. LE/MS monsters are only exeption and must handle with caution. I also have a couple realhighlvl poison dmg charms just in case some monster is physical, lighning, cold and fire immune:grin:

With all this stuff Guided arrow dmg is eazily more than 500-3000 before piercing and critical strike.
Remember Lightning fury and Freezin arrow pierce too, so A LOT dmg there too.

My merc is act 5 barb with full Sazabi's set. Nice mods there; resistance, 15% life leech, 418% demon dmg.. Act 2 merc with Holy Freeze might be good too.

Happy plays:thumbsup:


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Re: My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid

What version of 1.09? How does it handle on p60 cows? You ran pindle a gazillion times for the wf etc or what?


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Re: My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid

Whats p60 cows? No offence to cows i havent done them much.. This char really excels on Baal runs; 80% of his minions and himself are demons -me and my merc have huge demon damage. Minions can drop highest lvl stuff, thats a good reason to run them.

1.09f maybe..

Yes i did a lot of Hell meph and Baal runs before getting all this stuff:grin: Thank god i did, no need anymore. Thats also reason not to play 1.10 or 1.11, no interest to use endless hours for finding new items. I just enjoy now. Altough my playing is very little.

I quess i could have socketed WF with 40/15 jewel as well if i had one.


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Re: My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid

You do know that you can take your items with you if you upgrade to 1.11 - on single player.

Second, P60 cows refers to a single player command that puts the number of players in the game to 60 - like playing solo in a full game on bnet, though with 60 players instead of 8.

Anyway, The people who still play 1.09 are in the single player forum.


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Re: My 1.09 PvM MF Hybrid

Is there any point in baaling in 1.09? The 2nd hand impression I've got of 1.09 is the pindle and thresh socket are the kings of 1.09 mf and 1.09 cows are the easiest way to get lvl 99 in any patch.

As NASE says you can take items and characters forward. Your items will still be totally viable, your build won't be as good though.

If you know loads about 1.09 yeah post about it in SP forum. I plan to start 1.09 soon, but only once I've crafted a pimp bow in 1.07. I hope to mf an ohm for 1.10 beta and level my new bowa to 99 in cows, as well as pick up an azurewrath and maybe a couple of other items like wf.