music help needed..only 70's and 80's need apply


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music help needed..only 70's and 80's need apply

I have never seen an infant who just loves disco and 80's hair music as much as Samara does. I have the basic disco tunes, this is what I have:
1. Most Bee Gees
2. Gloria Gaynor..I Will Survive..the best disco song ever
3. Not really disco..but Herbie Hancock..Samara just loves him.
4. Art of Noise..quite a few of them...Close to the Edit is her fav.
5. Quiet Riot...need I say more

She loves songs that she can dance to. Um..I am not above Michael Jackson (Black and White). She just needs some new discoish tunes to dance around to.

Basically, I am trying to broaden her musical tastes beyond Moby. She always loves classical, but, you can't exercise to it. I would love to have some more upbeat tunes for her exercise periods.



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Soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever immediately comes to mind. Lotsa BeeGees, but other good stuff including some Discofied classical tunes, "Night on Bad Mountain" and "A Fifth of Beethoven."

Just about anything by Poison or Bon Jovi's "Slippery when Wet" will also be a rockin' good time!


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I forgot about Poison!!

I have no idea what is up with Samara. She just seems to love all these older songs. I have tried a bit on Bon Jovi..and she doesn't dance to it.

Right now..the big one is "Play that Funky Music White Boy".

I think its the bass on the hair bands that she likes...and for disco..well, who doesn't like disco??

We always try to have 1/2 hour of dancing a day. Its fun and great exercise!!


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What I have been trying to do is to expose her to music where the beat is easily picked out. I have known quite a few people who couldn't feel the beat of music. That is sad, and I don't want her to grow up that way. Certain classical songs are easy to pick out, but those are for bed time.

I am trying to play music for her in the afternoon, when we have exercise time, that she can, for lack of a better word, bob her body to.

I want her to be able to listen to a piece of music when she is older and feel it..not just sway to it. I can do that...Liam and Steve cannot.

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oh dear, the beat you say?

I will try to control myself from vastly branching... rrrrr how 'bout mambo? get her some Tito


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I suppose this stems from this wedding I went to last week. There was this girl who attempted to play "Cannon in D". From a muscial note perspective, she did fine. From a musical, feeling point of view, she was sorely lacking. Every note she played was monotone, just notes. It was not something that I would have played in front of people. No feeling. When I play, I close my eyes and let my fingers and heart play. I don't want my kids to grow up not feeling music. But, I did study classical piano for 12 years, so I am a bit biased.

If it has to start with disco to they can feel the beat..thats fine. I want both to be able to hear a piece of music and feel it.

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Atomic Dog - George Clinton
Super Freak - Rick James
She's A Bad Mamma Jamma - Carl Carlton
Let's Groove - Earth Wind & Fire
Fantastic Voyage - Lakeside
Let It Whip - Dazz Band
And The Beat Goes On - The Whispers

Great funk songs so you can dance until your legs snap in half. :jig:


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How can anyone not dance when watching "Grease"? Not the second one though. That one really sucked.


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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John. Not the song, but the entire album.

I'm 28 and that album still gets my feet tapping. Samara would love this. Heck, you would love this.

EDIT: Just thought of another great one: Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin. It can be found on Led Zeppelin III. She might also like Friends, Celebration Day , and Out On the Tiles off the same album.

*Starts dancing wildly*


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She loves Art of Noise (wow) and Disco, well I can tell you something: that's great. :clap: This means (from my experience) that she is on the right way and has huge potentials. You said 70 and 80's: OK I will mix my suggestions according what you have wrote so she can get a wider view:

Spandau ballet, Eurythmics, Sade, Frankie goes to Hollywood, New Order, Cameo, George Clinton, Imagination, Tears for fears, SOS Band, Simple minds, Matt Bianco, Curiosity killed the cat, Johny hates Jazz, Grace Jones, Loose ends, The the, The style council, Bill Withers, Was not was, Flashdance+footloose+beatstreet+breakdance soundtracks, Kate Bush, Simply red, Level 42, Bryan Ferry, Talking heads, Time, hot chocolate, Barry White, depeche mode, Roxy music, U2, human league, Alison Moyet, bananarama, Yazoo, Abba….. Maybe some funky singles such as:

ZAPP - It doesn’t really matter
WAR- Galaxy
AMI STEWART - Knock on wood
DONNA SUMMER - I feel love
LIPS INC. - Funky town
MICHAEL JACKSON - Don’t stop till you get enough
JESTOFUNK - Say it again
DIANA ROSS - Upside down
DONNA SUMMER - Hot stuff
ANITA WARD - Ring my bell
IN DEEP - Last night a D.J. saved my life
ODYSSEY - Going back to my roots
MONTANA SEXTET - Who needs enemies
QUINCY JONES - Ai no corrida
STEVE WONDER – Superstition
WILD CHERRY - Play that funky music
COMMODORES - Brick house
D-TRAIN - You are the one for me
PATRICK COWLEY & SYLVESTER - Do you wanna funk
PEOPLES CHOICE - Do it anyway you wanna



Dirty dancing soundtrack. As sucky as the "film" was, the soundtrack includes some good tracks.
And how about the songs from Flashdance?