Multishot Q


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The 3/4 weapon damage on multishot (and strafe I suppose), is that 3/4 of the physical damage of the bow? If I put five envy jewels in a long bow, is the poison damage reduced by a 1/4? What about elemental and physical damage charms?


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95% sure it reduces all elemental damage by 25%, including poison. Drawing mostly from memory of using harm bow back from my bnet days. Both on weapon and off-weapon sources of elemental damage.

Wouldn't mind a second source to verify

That said, against groups, multishot is still a strong contender despite the damage reduction


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My experience is also that it cuts all the damage to 3/4 regardless of source, but I haven't looked at the coding.


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I usually just use theamazonbasin wiki for stuff like this, but all it says is "75% weapon damage". I do assume that means "all damage applied by attack", but honestly I don't know. The easiest way to know for sure is to modify your own files, cheat a character and then just test it, but perhaps that's a bit too much hassle :p

The wiki also says the following, which makes me assume even more so that elemental damage is also reduced:
  • Cold length is also reduced to 75%: poison length isn't reduced.
  • Poison length is calculated differently when multiple items applying poison damage are used with skills that apply less than 100% weapon damage: Poison length = [sum of lengths / (sources - 1) ]
  • Percentage Life Stolen and Mana Stolen per hit is also reduced to 75%, rounding down: this means 4% is reduced to 3%, and 1% is reduced to 0%.


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So it definitely looks like it's 25% all over reduction then; thanks for the input guys. I thinking of revisiting a 1.09 classic build for my 1.14 Amazon.