Multiple choice, pick a bow


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Multiple choice, pick a bow

I kept finding unqiue bows as I was MFing, so I figured God wanted me to make a bowazon. She's using multishot as her main attack skill. I have three bows to choose from; which should I use?

Goldstrike Arch (I think that's the name)
or Cliffkiller

The all have pretty comparable damages with one or two other main attributes I like. So far she's using Cliffkiller, and I like it. Good damage, plus skills, and knockback.


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Well If you were lucky enough and Goldstrike Arch rolled good stats, it's a possible endgame bow as well, if you find no better.
what they said. ^^ gsa is one of my favorite bows in the game, my first ama that got through hell used it a long time ago. :thumbsup:


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Lol get a Faith bow!

Nah just kidding, the hell with faith :lol:

Yep, an upped goldstrike is pretty sweet. An upped cliffkiller is pretty nice too imo.

faster attack (=more dmg)
huge ar bonus
more dmg vs demons and undeads
ctc foh on strike (decent light dmg)

higher avg dmg
+2 ama skills (more skills to the passive tree = higher surviving chance)
50 life!

Cliffkiller is for more defensive play and goldstrike is for more offensive play. Both decent, although Id go with goldstrike like the others.


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I'm with everyone else, GSA, up'ed if you can. Widowmaker is sweet, but it's main features is the Guided Arrow oskill - it's more of a non amazon bow.


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I have to agree with everyone, Goldie all the way! IMO Upped Goldie with decent stats are the 2nd best bow in the game, if we do not count Runeworded bows or
insane rares.


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I'll take an upgraded WWS over an upped goldy anyday. The guaranteed double damage, lower requirements, amp damage and resistances make a better package.