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Multi Elemental Themed Wiz

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by itstheMZez, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. itstheMZez

    itstheMZez IncGamers Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Multi Elemental Themed Wiz!TXY!abaacb

    Got bored n decided to buildcraft my wizard on release date. Suprisingly I stuck to the elective mode of skills and didn't find that I needed to dip into other categories for my skill.

    Running electrocute + meteor for aoe clears, assuming that each tick of electrocute can proc arcane dynamo I should be able to get massive meteors going pretty constantly, so I runed it for max damage.

    Ray of frost runed seems like it does the most damage out of any skill so I'll be using that for boss/elite nuking.

    Took energy armor and runed it to beef me up and balance out the drawback from glass cannon, and took the ap regen passive to fuel meteors 60 ap req.

    Archon for tough situations and to put arcane spells into this build.

    Slow time is what I'm iffy on but it seems like its gonna be quite useful in group play if i rune it for damage. Might replace with wave of force if teammates can slow and for the phys damage part of my build.

  2. Elfik

    Elfik IncGamers Member

    Sep 18, 2011
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    Re: Multi Elemental Themed Wiz

    To me it shows up that slow time is runed as miasma? If you play in groups, you should definitely rune it for damage or increased attack speed. Otherwise, it might not be worth it, and I would pick diamond skin, frost nova, or teleport instead. Also, if using more than one cooldown spell, and/or if using archon, I would highly recommend the passive "evocation". To fit it in here, I'd remove glass cannon. Otherwise, I think the build looks pretty solid. If playing solo inferno, I would be a bit worried defensively. I would probably drop slow time for frost nova, and archon for diamond skin, but that's just me.

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