Mulitiple Character on 1 computer


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Mulitiple Character on 1 computer

Not sure this is a Statistics question, hmm well, maybe if I word it like this. What is the statistical % that I can have 2 charaters in the same game game, on the same computer? Making muling thus a 100% chance of success. I have seen this done and been told it's possible but never got the "how to". Thanks ahead of time.


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Step 1 : get 2 CD-Keys
Step 2 : run 2 instances of Diablo, this can be done via :
*running one normally and one in a virtual machine (VirtualPC, VMWare, ...)
*'fast user switching',a way of semi-simultaneously having 2 user accounts (this means accounts on your computer, not Diablo accounts) active, then running Diablo on both accounts, google for that quoted term for more info
Step 3 : I think that the rest is pretty obvious :)

Disclaimer : I have never done any of the steps/options described above, but to the best of my knowledge they all work


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D2Loader isn't allowed here as it's a violation of the EULA. VirtualPC/VMWare, if I'm understanding this correct, is similar to XP's multiuser setup on non-XP systems, somewhat like Yahoo Taskbar (and it's multitab system) is to IE6 and earlier versions while Netscape and IE7 already introduced it. There shouldn't be anything illegal about that, but that first item don't mention again - it bypasses the CD requirements without an .ISO, and that's a no-no.


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You might be better off just getting a second computer, and a new/used copy of D2/LOD.

You do not need to by a brand new comp... I got D2 on its release and played it on a Pentium 3 with 128 MB memory and voodoo 3dfx game card and it ran great. I'm still running that, on my own router, with a Pentium 4 and ATI Catalyst video card running another copy of D2.

Older computers like mine sell for dirt cheap. I live in a small town and both pawn shops sell monitor/cpu/keyboard/mouse for 20 to 60 dollars with about the same specs. Schools and ebay are other possible sources of finding a decent comp.

I went this route, because with fast user switching, rushing yourself can be a real pain. There was a thread on this forum about using 2 computers, but I can't find it anymore. Here are some of the benefits:

1.) Self-Muling on Bnet.
2.) Rushing.... have a high level character on one computer rush a character on the other computer quick. Disadvantage... on bnet, u might need seperate accounts.
3.) Extra player levelling. Not a problem with SP players/x command, but on bnet, without a high level rusher, one could run a mule on one computer (same game) while your main character plays on the other... this gives u the benefit of a little extra xp when other players are hard to find.
4.) Having a friend game in the same room. Playing over Bnet is fun, but so is having a bud in the same room running Baal or just questing.

Im sure there are other tricks one could use, but these are the ones I try. Good luck if you try to go this route.