Mrs_Trapper Hits Lev88 and dies?


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Mrs_Trapper Hits Lev88 and dies?

Well, it ALMOST happened. This morning I was doing MF runs and nearly bit the bullet. I was creating games with the title being "See Description", in the description I was asking for items to trade. Well, I had just finished Meph (found WolfHowl Visor, YEA!!!!!) when a sorcy joins and asks me if I'm interested in a Trap Ammy. I politly tell him no and go about my killing.

After Meph I always WP to Highlands for the 2 bosses there. I usualy take the wp and then Bo becasue the port is hardly ever covered. Without bo my life is 1700+, with it it's 2800+. I have no idea why, but for some reason I BO'ed before I left Meph. I went to act 3 town, dropped off the visor and took wp to Highlands.

The port was covered with Lighting enhanced monstes, yes 2 (thx to the sorcy i'm guessing). I immediatly went through the steps to leave the game. the game froze a bit once I clicked on the save and exit command. I sat there for a minute frozen, scared, and shaking like a 5 year old on the first day of school. I moved my mouse over to the join game, expecting not to be able to do anything.

Well......I guess it wasn't my time. I joined a game to discover my life had gone from 2800+ to 187. How so fast you ask? Well, I'm using lev 40 traps but my resistance is ALL in the red becasue of the 400+ MF I'm wearing. Never before has it been an issue though becasue i can use fade to get them all in the blue.

So, I live to see another day. Ladder board here I come, only need a few more million. Just thoght I'd share.


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SonOfRah said:
Lucky for sure. If someone joins its pays to go to the towns between acts.
Yea, it was a good wakeup call. After making it ** levels with no real scare I can remember, you get bold, complacent, youtake risk you really shouldn't. I have to remind myself this is HC sometimes before I do it.


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Reminds me that yesterday I had a very very close call at Frigid WP with my Javazon. There was a Demon Imp boss pack right at the WP which were immediately engaged by Merc and Valk. No problem I thought, these critters go down in one LF usually. I hover over the Boss, read "FE LE" and throw my jav at the same time, the bloody critter teleports right to my feet into the LF and *bam* explodes spraying CBs leaving me with approx. 30-40 health. I couldn't even see any red in the lifebulb anymore before I hit a juv. That was so damn scary I didn't dare to take the WP for the next two hours. Only close call in 1k Eld runs with her though, so she's back in action :)


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rev129 said:
Well, it ALMOST happened. This morning I was doing MF runs and nearly bit the bullet.
I fail to understand how getting operated on without anesthesia has anything to do with the rest of your post.



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few weeks ago while mfing with my (now 90) lvl ** necro, running through tamoe towards the pit when a extra fast convict multishot mage group runs towards me.

I think nothing of it and begin to amp them and run back so my skeles can kill...

But my skeles start dropping... a stray firebolt gets through and I watch as my orb drops to almost nothing - I rejuv and run and another one hits me... I save and exit as another is maybe a yard (in game) behind me.

I join a new game

hover mouse over orb...

4 life