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MP Duo Progress and update thread

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Paradigmshift, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Paradigmshift

    Paradigmshift Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 1, 2006
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    MP Duo Progress and update thread

    Warning... I am long winded...

    [Wall of text/]
    Jdkerr and I have been kicking around ideas for an MP group for some time and are currently in the planning process for a group which currently involves frozzzen. We hope to get that project underway pretty soon and will get a thread going on that once it's off the ground.

    In the meantime, JD and I have begun a dynamic duo to quest through the game. We both wanted to create a build somewhat out of the ordinary and also be able to feed off the other character in order to be successfull and at the same time... fun.

    So, introducing Thanatos and Eros.

    It's a loosely themed duo based upon a couple of runewords and being generally stylish. For my part, Thanatos (2-Handed Meleemancer) will be using a Death Colossus Sword and concentrating on Bone Armor for protection vs the melee attackers. I'll be using several curses as well and a gumby for an extra tank. My merc selection will be an act 1 Rogue utilizing my Faith bow.

    I'll let JDkerr explain what all he's got going with his little lady.

    As far as our play style for this duo, we're not doing full clears, but will complete every quest. We're also doing these as Titan builds so no points will be spent in Vitality so that should add some spice to the builds. I'm thoroughly enjoying my meleemancer and have been pleasantly surprised at how well he's handled himself so far.

    Currently, we're in Nightmare act 2, having defeated Andy last night. We quested though normal off and on throughout this past weekend and there were a few deaths on both parts. Mine was mainly due to lack of resists and not recasting bone armor often enough. Once the damage gets through the armor, he goes down pretty quickly. Once we reached into the late 40's speed of play really increased due to the twinking. I was able to equip a Passion Highland Blade at 49 that I received from Sephiroth's giveaway earlier in the year. Glad to finally get it some use. It is definitely cool to use zeal with a necro.

    At lvl 51 his current gear is:
    'Passion' Highland Blade
    Guillame's Face
    'Treachery' Scarab Husk
    IK Gloves (Dex needed)
    Nosferatu's Coil (7%)
    Cat's Eye
    Ravenfrost (20/187)
    Rare leach ring 5% (Res and Dex)

    on switch:
    White Wand and Humonculous for Gumby/Armor casting

    charms are mostly res charms to keep close to max.

    We weren't sure anyone would really care about our efforts, but I thought we should share anyway. Maybe it will inspire others to be creative and make an MP group. After many years of playing solo in single player, this has really been refreshing to quest along side someone.
    [/End Wall of Text]

    P.S. - thanks to anyone daring to read this monstrosity...
  2. kestegs

    kestegs D3 Monk Moderator

    Aug 27, 2008
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    Re: MP Duo Progress and update thread

    that's not that long. and I'll read just about anything people put up here anyways :)

    you miss placed your / too.

    keep it coming, its always good to get people interested in MP, IMO
  3. jdkerr

    jdkerr Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Re: MP Duo Progress and update thread

    As Paradigm said, we have been having a lot of fun with this group so far. The discussion went something like this (with all due allowance for time/space warping and other creative liberties):

    "Let's take two casting classes and make them melee."
    "Okay! And let's do it with big, two-handed swords."
    "Okay! And let's make them titans."
    "Okay! And let's use items with cool names."
    "Sounds great."

    Thus, Eros was born. Sorceress is my favorite class, but I have never played an enchantress through, so that was the obvious choice. I started out with twinking gear (envy setup, Iratha's, etc.). Ultimately, I am headed for "Passion," which will go well with my character's name and the glowing red color of her enchanted blade. On the tongue-in-cheek side, we though it fitting that she utilize "Berserk" (and wear a particular armor that will not be revealed until a later post...).

    This is particularly fun for me since this represents a lot of "firsts." I have predictably never played an "enchanted berserkress," but it also turns out that I have never used "Passion" or energy shield (which I decided would be the most logical place for my spare skill points -- and I love the on-hit animation for this skill, although the ball is ugly). I decided that I don't want to use an Act2 mercenary, so I will be experimenting with an Act5 setup. More swords!

    We flew through normal as usual. I think two nasty packs caught us by surprise, resulting in one or the other of us dying. Nightmare started to become more difficult, particularly because of the low life pools. I have a habit of teleporting directly into the middle of mobs and dying before Paradigm can get there, then sheepishly waiting while he rescues me. (But I just can't HELP it! The telestomp with that massive blade is so FUN!) For this reason, I have about four deaths accumulated in this difficulty. Oops.

    At lvl51 her current gear:
    String of Ears
    Rare ammy (+2 fire skills, a bunch of energy)
    2x Ravenfrost (so I can wield my current sword, which requires dexterity)
    Sander's boots

    I'm not using any charms (ssshhhh! Don't tell Paradigm!).

    My sword is this beauty, which I love:
    Crainte Vomir
    Two Hand Damage: 51 - 114
    Required Level: 42
    Required Strength: 73
    Required Dexterity: 61
    +20% Faster Run/Walk
    +70% Increased Attack Speed
    185% Enhanced Damage
    Slows Target by 35%
    -70 to Monster Defense Per Hit
    Damage Reduced by 10%
    Socketed: Shael Rune

    I discovered this unique when planning offhand weapons for my wolfbarb, and fell in love with it. What's not to love? FR/W, ~200% ED, Slows target, -enemy defense, %DR, and 70% IAS. My "Passion" comes into play in two more levels, though. I'll leave you in suspense over the readouts of that bad boy. ;)

    In momentary conclusion:
    MP groups are awesome. I have not had this much fun questing a character in ages.
  4. Jason Maher

    Jason Maher Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 13, 2007
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    Re: MP Duo Progress and update thread

    I really must get into MP. I've never had any interest in PvP, but I've always longed to play some co-operative multiplayer (i.e. not's cheat-filled, spambot-filled rush-a-thon). I've just never gotten around to it, despite ideas for fun duos, triplets, septets, and even octuplets popping into my head on a regular basis (e.g. 8 summoning necros for the lols, or 8 paladins each sporting a different aura).

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