Moving Items From LOD to Classic


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Moving Items From LOD to Classic

This has recently come up as an issue, and I think it would be a good idea to come to some sort of consensus as a forum on whether or not we want to allow this practice into the trade pool.

For a little bit of background, it is possible using ATMA to move some items from LOD characters to Classic characters that normally could not exist in classic, such as crafted items. It is possible to use these characters to rush to the Hellforge for runes in LOD. (Some people use classic rushing in 1.11 as an alternative to rushing in 1.09.)

So, I'm looking for opinions on the matter. Please also state if you trade and MP or if you plan to in the future when you give your opinion.

I would like the final decision (as far as trade and MP are concerned) to be one way or the other. Either we will allow it, and everyone will accept that trading will "taint" you with this practice (like HC to SC transfers) or we will ban it from the trade/MP pool altogether.

Thanks everyone.


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Lol, Cat you beat me to it - I was going to start (essentially) the same thread.

- I do trade
- I don't MP

Here's my 2 cents:
*Disclaimer, I'm somewhat affected by this discussion, so my opinion might not be entirely objective.*

I'm kindof wondering if this may already be somewhat prevalent in the trade forum anyways... I don't ever remember seeing it discussed or mentioned in my ~2 years of lurking/posting, and therefore, I'd be surprised if several of the people who've HF rushed in 1.11 and then traded didn't already make the assumption that LoD -> Classic is ok. And if that's the case, the trade community (as a whole) may already be tainted (similar to this point by jjscud in the recent MP/Traders discussion thread).

Personally, I don't find this significantly more objectionable than HF rushes in general.

Also, if I may vent on a personal pet-peeve, please don't post saying "I don't trade/MP because of stuff like this - I need to know my items are 100% legit. Etc, etc, blah, blah, blah." Yes, that's a good point but it doesn't contribute anything significant to these discussions.

To be blunt, contribute your direct opinion about the matter at hand - or go away. :wink:


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I don't like it, I would support banning it.

My opinion may stem from the fact that I have a few classic characters going at the present, to be played as classic characters and hopefully finish the game as classic characters. My King last month is an example of that in practice. Keeping that in mind, to me using an LoD item in Classic would be like using items from a mod such as ES or Median in vanilla D2, then saying that exp gained/items found while using those foreign items were legitimate.

That's where I'm coming from on this anyway.


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I think it's in the same class as SC -> HC transfers, it shouldn't happen and should be banned from the trade-pool.

You would have thought the game would realise that crafted items etc shouldn't exist in classic so shouldn't work. I suppose the developers never imagined ATMA would exist and make this possible.

On a sidenote - do runewords work in classic as well? If so, that would massively unbalance things.


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I would also prefer banning it. It just isn't right to use something in a game where it can't be created.

I trade, but don't MP.


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Everything that isn't possible by any "legitimate" means through the game, should be banned.

My opinion is that items that have been directly, or indirectly gained by that transfer from LoD to Classic, should be deleted. It's not the most serious "taint" I think, but at least that much should be done.

Above mentioned logic makes me approve HF rushing by 100%. If I had lots of PC's, I could HF rush with those anyway.


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Just done a few tests with a lvl 1 Classic character.

You can move crafted items on to them as long as they contain no Druid or Assassin skills.

Runewords and runes can't be muled onto them, neither can class-specific items.

Looks like the taint wouldn't be too bad but it should still be banned IMO.

Edit: Looks a bit more complicated actually, I couldn't mule any Hit Power crafted gloves over. I tried some rare gloves but they all failed, and I tried some rare boots, and they varied, some could be muled, others not. It probably detects which affixs are allowed in classic and blocks items with affixs which can't spawn.


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Haven't been on the forum for more than a week, but I'd vote ban. LOD items should not exist in Classic, thus anything stemming from such gameplay is not kosher.


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I don't currently trade, I plan to take it up again sometime in the not too distant future.
I MP occasionally though it's been a while since I did last.

With that out of the way - LoD -> classic = NO!


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Personally, I don't HF rush, so I might have missed this point in some of the rushing threads (that I seldom read), but quite simply because I haven't seen this mentioned once in my ~2 years lurking/posting here. Although I'm certainly fallible, it's something that never crossed my mind (and I've been around for a while).

How many people that HF rush - many of whom are less experienced with SPF policy and opinion - also have this blind spot and have acted on it?

How is this that different from accidental RRM and/or RWM taint, and how many people don't quite get a grasp of that concept at first? Yes, they're tainted at that point, but it's still a relatively frequent occurence in these parts.



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I hf rushed a lot lately and I never did it in classic, I'm just not interested in any kind of playing in classic. I havent even thought it was possible to carry items form lod back to classic.
That should not be permited.


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I mp and while I don't trade here I do trade with some people that do trade here.

I would vote for banning it.


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I'd definitely agree with banning the practice. D2 Classic and LOD have different availability of items (lower availabilty in classic) which right away means tranfering items from LOD gives a major advantage. It reminds me of the SC-->HC idea, but in this case going classic to LOD is clearly Ok, since the game allows it to be done.

Anyone care to remind me does /players x work in classic now?



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Even though I don't MP or trade, if I were to trade I would not want to trade with individuals who have practised this as several previous posts pointed out. Classic has no runes and or crafted items.