Moving from Hardcore to Softcore PVP...looking for help if


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Moving from Hardcore to Softcore PVP...looking for help


I've been around here the last couple months reading and gaining some insight into PVP. Many of you probably don't remember me from a LONG time ago (acc. Pete2s), when me and djgonzo ran around with our all vit necros in one of the early patches and destroyed everyone.

Anyways, since I've come back to the game about 2 months ago, I've been playing HC and loving it. I've had 2 characters meet their ends on the battlefield: my initial MF sorc, and a bone necro (who really are handicapped without tons of +skills). I've started a forum gold account on jsp, worked up some FG and made myself a BvC Barb (although slightly modified for HC). He's enjoyed great success, and still alive at almost level 90.

The reason I'm moving to softcore (for PVP) is because I can't get the practice in HC. 75% of the time you're leveling your next character, while everyone else in SC is practicing. I'm good, I know my builds, and surviving in HC PVP, where anything--including conviction merc sorcs, enchanters, BOers and juvs--goes is a testament to either 1) my ability to fight or 2) my ability to run ;)

Anyways, to the point: I'm looking for some serious help in making a SC PVP char. I'm willing to help whoever in items, leveling and strategy in HC if you'd like. It's just terribly difficult to start with nothing, and I'd repay all help. Let me know if anyone is interested...I'm dedicated, I play by the rules, and anytime helping me will not be wasted.