Most Popular Classic Realm?


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Most Popular Classic Realm?

I was thinking about playing a little classic and was curious to know what the most popular classic realm was IE: Which realm has the most players on usually?


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That's pretty tough to say since it's hard data to get. You might want check out each realm during the times you plan on playing, and see which has the most games running. Or find a group of people to play with, and pick any server.


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USEAST and USWEST probably have about the same amount. I think east has a little more.

Asia is pretty much dead.

Europe I dont know.



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East is usually the most popular in Classic and LoD. But the difference between east and west is very small. I'm not sure about Europe or Asia.


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In the wee hours of the morning there are usually only 3-4 listed classic games in hell on uswest old realm, and there is a full list during those times on the ladder realm. So its possible that during prime time that there are more people playing ladder than the old realm. Since the time of day in which you are playing is important, it's going to depend on where u live. A 3 hour time difference can matter.

If some of these realms are 'dead' or dying, I for one would welcome Blizzard merging one or more of them. Hey, maybe that would be a good thread to start. Here goes....


Europe used to be the most popular realm for Classic by far. Now in 1.10 I'm not sure but I think it should still be the most popular realm for Classic...