Most popular build v1.10 necro


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Yea, I'll give you all that jazz about rights and freedom's of speech and whatnot, but at least have the intelligence to back up your incoherent statements with some facts.

If your friend SIGUE thinks that Summoner's are the suxxor's...maybe he can say:
I think summoner's are bad because they "XXXXXXXX", and I hate it when they "XXXXXXXX".

Now judging from your weak attempt at post high school english, and your friends low level of grammar (it's spelled testosterone!), I can see that you are the brightest twit of the bunch!

Have fun at school, talk to you later!



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Fact - People are entitled to an opinion which is neither correct nor incorrect. The nature of an opinion is that is inherently based upon the whim's of the person who owns that particular opinion.

Fact - I do not need neither big words, complex sentences or any other lexis or syntax you can think of to get this point across. That's it above this fact. Nothing hard about it is there? Why use big words which alienate people?

Fact - People who use "school" insults, or attack a person's spelling have no better material and are generally pathetic. You don't know why his spelling is off, do you? Hmm.

Ok? Perhaps get a better argument that does not contain insults levelled at a person's level of English and removes a person's right to choose for themselves? Why does Sigus have to justify his opinion to you or anyone else? He isn't asking you to change your mind or stance over the issue of Skelliemancers, merely saying he doesn't like them. He isn't trying to convert anybody, so reasons aren't necessary.

At least we agree you're an arrogant arse.


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Right, Ill explain then.

I dont like summoners because:-
:rant: The amout of skill they take to use. ie. non. They can go to act 5 raise some of pindles men and get an army. With an act 2 merc and a golem. Wha does the necro have to do? Curse... whoopie.

If you think they take skill please explain it.


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Sigus said:
If you think they take skill please explain it.
eh...for faster killing I like using AI curses to "herd" monsters into crowds for CEing, some twitchy fingers to get dem curses right (I use all 14 hotkeys :D), alternating between fire and clay golem when the time is right, doin pindle, eldritch, and shenk in no time flat...go go bone armor!


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Sigus said:
WOW!!! That takes skill... :grrr:

so does WWing with my barb.

and meteoring with my sorc.

and casting poison nova with my other necro, and bone spirit with the other one...


what exactly are you looking for Sigus, the necro takes more skill than most classes, even a summoner.


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I could care less why his spelling is so off. I was not born in America, yet I manage to maintain a PHENOMENAL level of English. Same goes for my parents and other family members.

FACT: Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, and they all stink.

He doesn't have to explain himself, but when someone posts "MOST POPULAR BUILD" and some idiot (read: your friend) blurts out like the town idiot: "STUPID NOOBLAR, SUMMONAR'S ARE THE SUXXORZ" or whatever the fakk, someone needs to get some sense beat into his head.

For all of your intelligence, your still defending an mental midget.



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Sorry, I burst out laughing when I read...

"...I was not born in America, yet I manage to maintain a PHENOMENAL level of English"

English is the language of England before America :p Just thought I'd straighten that out. I know you probably won't care, but y'know. Small things matter to an island that doesn't have much any more.

I guess that fact you posed is opinion? Opinions are asked for, and are even useful at times, so they can't all stink. They must have some value when they are asked for so often. And I would say a useful opinion didn't stink :p

As long as someone's writing is understand, stop being a spelling fascist will you? It's not funny, it's not intelligent, and it makes you look like a berk. For all your spelling is good, you are still an elitist arrogant arse.


Mad Mantis

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Necrochild313 said:
Fact - Cheese tastes damn good
As does beer. :drink:

Sigus said:
WOW!!! That takes skill...
What kind of builds do you play? How much skill do they take?

SumNec said:
Cheese is good.
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses. Normally threads aren't this boring or riddled with insults/arguments. Usually we try to get to a level where the level of joyful spam is only slightly lower than the level of useful information.


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I know... See that post over the page? I got up to line 3 and got bored. i caught sight of AFI and read that bit, then had to leave before I collapsed on my keyboard.



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Siguesigue said:
AFI? AFI!? No thanks. Davey's voice is that bit too whiney

JMP - I didn't read your post and I'm not going to :) I'm sure what you're written is very erudite and points a point across well, but I sleep fine at night thanks, I don't need the Valium that is your writing.
Fact is, and I live and die by it, that whatever is said that comes out of a person is an opinion. I might not like that opinion, but I would give my eye teeth that you had the right to say it.
Sigus said Skelliemancer's suxx, and regardless of "fact" or not, this is correct to him. No-one can correct him on this, just try to change his mind, because whatever you say isn't correct neither. Ok? It's opinionative. I can say my Kommandomancer is the best necro for taking on hell, and it could be true. Who knows. It depends on the player.
That is my belief and you will not sway it. If you are denying people their right to their own opinions, you are no kind of human :)

Right. So either you really didn't read it, meaning that you only value opinions you like; or you read it and didn't understand (Latin throw you off? Trans: "Compliance produces friends"), meaning that you only value opinions you can understand. This doesn't speak well of your opinion concerning opinions, since you do not value them as such but only by your personal standard held over all others (the sanctimony of your defense of the freedom of expression is a dead giveaway), a subversion of the very position you propse (boring you yet? My words too big?). Who shares greater interest in opinions, the one who dismisses them as relative or the one who challenges them to determine their worth? Socrates argued the latter; you argue the former.

By not reading/understanding my point, you failed to address my argument. I said that this is not a matter concerning an opinion. You state that not enjoying a summoner is a matter of taste. I agree with you, but this is not the position Sigus put forward. He said that summoners are not viable in Hell (the "if Hell matters to you" quotation, again). This isn't true. They are viable in Hell. If your opinion is otherwise, then you're ignorant of the virtues of a summoner (an ignorance perhaps caused or continued by refusing to read well-informed posts on a Necromancer forum) or too incompetent to play as one. Hence, everyone responded, with deserved hostility, with a demand for an explanation.

When Sigus later posted that he simply finds them boring, he actually CHANGED his original position from one of fact (that summoners are not viable, which is manifestly false by the overwhelming success they have had on this forum and on the ladders for all servers) to opinion. It changed from a question of viability (a question answered by the way the rules of DIIX are structured) to a question of fun. I find Summoners fun; he doesn't. When he changed his position, he came to where we agree, that what is fun for one DIIX player is not necessarily fun for another. Sigus' change of a position is at least a tacit recognition that he was wrong to make his original post, meaning that you are the last one badly paraphrasing Voltaire (the right eye for the expression of an opinion).

Finally, one oversimplifies how to play a summoner by saying that one simply spams curses. This isn't true. To use the common image on this forum, the summoner is a general. His purpose is to lead an army and to expedite killing monsters by positioning them, as well as judging the best curses for each situation. One can get by simply using Amp all the time, but that is the choice of the player but hardly a requirement to play the build. If it's boring to spam Amp, don't spam Amp. Find out how much more effective (and more fun) the build is by using Attract, Dim Vision, and Bone Wall. A whole thread last week was dedicated to which revives are the most effective and the most fun to get--I still say Black Souls are the best for the revenge factor, although I must say I respect the Blunderboar (spelling?) option.

Did you get this far, Siguesigue? If so, drink's on me: :buddies:

If not, maybe this will help: AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI AFI? :uhhuh:


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Another big long boring post I didn't read. Is there anything more satisfying?

JMP, I am not going to read such drivel. Tone it down, or I don't read it :) And I'm sure you want me to after you spent so long writing it, eh?
I'm sure it's every bit as Valium-esque as it's predescessor. How can I value what you are saying when I have no clue what it means? Crypticism is nexrt to worthlessness in my book.


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I didnt change my mind about 'if hell is important to you' opinion. I just wanted to add the boring part :surprise:

Survival alone isnt always the best thing you know... unless you play HC :flip:

And siguesigue has a point jmprockstar. Why use 400 words when one sentance gets the point across? One could think you have nothing to say and hide it among the words. :scratch:


Hehe, I missed this whole pointless thing...

Way to walk into a biker bar and proclaim that Harley's suck Sigus :uhhuh:
Way to go to Toronto and declare, at a leafs game, that hockey sucks.
Way to go to a hot dog factory and make a mess on the floor.....

All right, that last line didn't work but you get it...
Come over to the necro forum and denounce the reign of our much deserved summoner...for shame.:rant:

And then, what's worse is that you try to defend your bad, bad nOOb style statement. :yawn:

O well it looks like this had allready died but I wanted to have some fun too.:fish:

Sorry original poster, this type of thing happens sometimes.:)
Skeletons are indeed ver' powerful as you probrably are well aware of by now.
1.10 changes to skeletons
-Added much more life
-Added Defense rating
-Added Attack rating
-Ramped speed
-Uniformed sheilds

They tough now yes. That's why they everywhere.:)


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Way to walk into a biker bar and proclaim that Harley's suck Sigus
Hey, Im a necro player. I build em and love em. I experiment with new builds when I think of them.

But still I dont like the summoner and what I was trying to do is perswade the origional poster not waste the time on one.

And then, what's worse is that you try to defend your bad, bad nOOb style statement.
LoL. My statement aint bad and it aint noob. It just aint what you want to hear. Ive been playing Necros since the D2 UK release... even if I do keep leave this site (thus the the low amount of posts) I am very, very experianced. I would even dare to sya more so than many people on this site (although not all by any stretch of the imagination.)

They tough now yes. That's why they everywhere
And this still dont make them good... What was your argument again?