Most Painful Anni


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Most Painful Anni

There I was running a 90upbaalrun(/w lvl rq) on my lvl 92 Light Sorc. I saw an Soj sales message at the beginning of the game and I was like eh... whatever. So we are in the middle of baal, another message comes up and Diablo walks. I'm like holy crap... exit out and get my smiter asap. Turns out though my Smiter is lvl 87... owned by my own lvl rq. I panick and go get my Light Sorc again and spawn dclone quickly at Shenk. Now keep in mind I'm also wearing an Anni... so if i somehow kill him with a light sorc + infinity what am I going to do with this anni? Apprently almost no one on my friends list was on that had a smiter. Luckily Stills showed up with a 90+ Necro. Everyone else in the game figured out I spawned Dclone at shenk so they are coming in doves. I hostile them all and whipe them all out while Stills LRs Dclone and I static + lightning it to death...(took 5+ minutes... merc kept dying and other issues). Anni drops... but none of us can hold it. Stills quits out gets a char that can... we grab it and depart. Painful anni... and what are the stats you say?

10/10/5 - I own

Just kidding... was 16/19/6 , props to Stills for helping me out.



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I found diablo clone today too :D. Left my char in a game I knew had sold sojs (I always check diablo clone channel before I start mf'ing). and then left her there. When I came back diablo had walked :grin: . later on a friend opened a trade game and we got another one there. So not a bad day for us


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you pked them in a public game? when they had as much right to take him on as you did?


And technically they had just as much right to try and kill him as well. That's the unfortunate thing about public games, if something good drops then it'll go to the person who wants it the most (which, for baal runs and stuff usually involves the person who wanted it so much that they got a pickit hack of some sort).



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Spot on.
I will pay 10/10/5 more than a 20/20/10 for bragging purpose :laugh:
But if you didn't find it yourself the bragging isn't very good.

"OMG, I got this anni, but look - it's uber-crap" is funny, "OMG, I went and stupidly bought this low anni" is not so much.



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Perfectly low stats... well... that makes sense... and it doesn't work the same for all the other uniques why?