Most Overrated/Underrated runeword


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FodderCannoned said:
underated hoto or CTA, both are amazing, CTA lets my sorcs tele in situations where they wouldnt be able to otherwise, and also lets my fanatic zealot go toe to toe with P8 amped damage lister safely. HOTO because it is by far the best caster weapon in the game.
I guess that shows how subjective this all is. Seriously, everyone loves CTA and HotO except Nightfish. :lol:


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teh_roy said:
Overrated: Lionheart (lum is, IMO, better used in a SMOKE!)
Enigma on the Realms. Apparently, duelers just don't understand what teleport charges are, and they waste an entire slot for a resistless armor.

Underrated: Smoke (for a lum, 50 res? AWESOME)
Gloom (lots of defense, 45res, CTC dim vision, beautiful)
Meh, check enigma others stats. Massive FR/W and +Str. These two thing alone make it worth using over CoH.

Underated: Stealth = awesome boner armor
Overated: CoH


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Underrated: steel ,strength and honor :D they are very usefull runewords in my opinion.
Overrated: Botd. i'd rather use a death cleaver or stormlash. there are many high damage weapons too choose from aside from a botd.


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essojay said:
I guess that shows how subjective this all is. Seriously, everyone loves CTA and HotO except Nightfish. :lol:
Did you read the thread? I saw several people calling CtA or HotO overrated and they probably weren't just parroting me... ;) Both of these runewords are almost totally useless for me, though, that's true. Certainly not useful enough for me to even consider making them.


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Randall said:
Both Enigma and CtA are a bit overrated in my view. (not that they are bad items)
Teleport can be achived by many other items which offer teleport charges.
I think you're missing the point of the teleport on enigma (and I'm not trying to single you out) Yes you can get teleport on an ammy, but it's only got 25 charges. My hammerdin never walks anywhere, if there's a boss halfway across the screen it's significantly faster to teleport to the boss than to run to it. And when you're teleporting there's no chance of getting hit. I do well over 100 teleports per 4 minute run. So, not over-rated IMO


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I hardly ever use my HoTO and I don't even have a CTA...

and I use my CoH on almost every char and have never been sorry to make it for even a moment :p

just to show a bit more how subjective this all is :uhhuh:


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o_O How is CoH overrated? It's got pretty much everything you could want in an armour: +2 skills, huge resists, damage reduction, life leech, damage to demons... What more do you want? FCR? Ctc lifetap? Sheesh. With the exception of a select few builds, it's one of if not the most desirable armours for just about any character.

And yeah, I know it's got poor defense. But honestly, your defense rating needs to be like 10k before it starts to matter anyway, so only particular builds need concern themselves with it, really.

Hmm... I think CtA is pretty overrated. The builds that need it most (ie melee builds) get the crappest durations... and even with a fair amount of +skill it's still too short.

For underrated... well I can only think of Rhyme, but that actaully seems to get a fair amount of recognition here in teh SPF.


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necrolemming said:
@Fafner: How usable are WWsins outside of PvP?
They're a lot of fun. A little bit delicate, though. Guillame's face and Goreriders are a must, with the CB and deadly strike. A might merc is extremely helpful too. Cloak of shadows is almost essential. It takes a bit of tactical gear selection and skill usage to get it to work, but when you fork over the cash and jockey equipment around and play for a little while, you get the hang of it and it's a total blast.

Overrated, I'd say BoTD. You've got Death Cleaver, Stormlash, Tomb Reaver, Eth Hone Sundan instead.

Underrated, I'd say Beast. I can't wait to make one and open up a ton of different builds. Or Gloom.


Disclaimer: i'm still a n00b, and have tried only a few RWs, so i'd be speaking based on the stats on paper...

-Black (because of base item limitations?)
-Leaf (people don't use staves these days)
-Melody (KB, IAS, +skills and ED... what else do you want?)
-Smoke (had forgotten about it till today, when it caught my eye by chance. absolutely amazing! yes, little def, but def is not the ultimate mod, is it?)
-Stealth (my lvl 74 pally in NM is still using it!)
-Beast (relatively cheap, incredible mods, and Werebear fun!)
-Gloom (my achievable dream armor! def, resists, fhr, DV, Str... yet we don't see it that often in guides)
-Kingslayer (yes, it's EXPENSIVE! but i'd like to play around with it) RWs... really! take out those requiring Jahs (very much overused, don't you think?), and you're left with many easily achievable extremely powerful runewords.

Geglash said:
So this is daylight... it's over-rated!
Lionheart: i'd asked in another thread why this is considered that good. there'd been a little discussion there, and some more here, and i'm still not convinced. it's also funny how people say "Lionheart is so good, it has bla bla and 30% res all!" and then "Smoke has only 20% more resists". well, that +20% is 66% more than the one in Lionheart!
Stone: yes, it's good, but i wouldn't even compare it to Gloom. i can live happily with the previous fhr BP, and am not a huge fan of charges.

Comments on others:
CoH: this armor has everything one could ask for. including a Ber and an Ist!
Honor: i was a huge fan of this RW, but it's just so difficult to find the basic weapon for it. as Jiansonz had noted in the "favorite RWs" thread, by the time you can make it in untwinked, you already have better options.
Lore: don't know why, but i don't like this. possibly because i wait for mid-late game to make words, where this is a bit less powerful, or because i prefer a bigger useful crowd of mods on a helm.


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Slartibartfast said:
yes but it will be made in a ethereal weapon so as soon as the revive charges are spent they are useless :p
The fact that it has no ias ruins it if you ask me
Use it on switch. You do not have to hack enemies appart with it. I did'nt realise you couldnt repair charges. My bad. But if you are VERY rich, it is still good.