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How would you take over a small country?

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D3 Off Topic Moderator
Got 2 accs, both about 3-5 mulechars on each.
I do only have one "normal" mule, that is a lvl1char, the rest are old chars which I dont want to delete, since they can hold more stuff than lvl1-ers.
(equipping items etc)


Diabloii.Net Member
Let me see...


Total 9 Accounts.

Playable Characters:
2)Blizzard Sorc
5)Meteorb Sorc
8)Bone Necro

I'd say about 8 mule accounts...


Diabloii.Net Member
Cooked said:
How many mule Accounts do you have?
I currently have 1 playchar, 2 "future playchars" and 6 full accounts.

I tend to keep a lot of garbage, though --- the mules are all meant to get their hellforges, and I need around 2 hours playtime (no maphack, no teleport) to get them into hell, so by the time they reach act 2 they usually no longer expire. So I can just as well keep them around...


Europe Trade Moderator
I had 14 for a time, although 6 held 1.09 stuff and characters and another 5 held items and characters from the previous ladder season. I didn't use them for anything but giveaways, after I sold the runewords and Annihilus charms, so I kept them alive for a while.

Strictly spoken, I never had more than 5 mule accounts and I currently restrict myself to 3.


Diabloii.Net Member
I still have over 20 accounts, although I don't play as often as I used to.

I play each mule to at least to the soul stone in hell.

I"m an incurable packrat :drink:


Europe Trade Moderator
It must be hell to log in with each of these 160+ characters when they are about to expire after 90 days without getting a realm down error :lol:


Diabloii.Net Member
I said one - five.
I have 7 accounts on uswest, but each has mules ranging from all mule to a low of 2 mules. Hardcore/Softcore/Ladder/Non-Ladder.


D3 Off Topic Moderator
I don't even want to reveal the exact number of accounts I had at the height of my playing. It was over 20. I had around 30 just before I retired. However, I had recently done quite a bit of spring cleaning.

I did actually keep some cracked and ethereal sashes too (along with a bunch of white shakos) - I saved those for the most annoying of beggers. was glad to be rid of me. I'm the pack rat from hell. :lol:


Diabloii.Net Member
Well I have 3 as of right now, although I haven't played them for like a year. Still kept them refreshed because I couldn't bear to see all my old items/chars be deleted.

Anyways, now I just use ATMA for muling :uhhuh:


Diabloii.Net Member
Dredd said:
I did actually keep some cracked and ethereal sashes too (along with a bunch of white shakos) - I saved those for the most annoying of beggers. was glad to be rid of me. I'm the pack rat from hell. :lol:
My take on a game Dredd might be playing in....

Begger.. Free plz.
Dredd. .*ignores Begger*
Begger.. Gimmie item.
Dredd.. Feels like pking the idiot but is in a better mood today so continues to ignore Begger.
Begger.. Hey (Dredd Char) Can I have free plz.
Dredd.. *geez* Ok, how bout a shako?
Begger.. Free? U gimmie Shako 4 free??
Dredd.. Sure but u have to shut up if I do, Deal?
Begger.. Yeah, ok, sure man, whatever u say!
Dredd.. shako in Durance level 3.
Long Silence......
Begger.. !!!! *insert string of expletives here*....noob! That's not a Shako!
Dredd.. Well, just what is it then?
Longer Silence..........
Dredd.. Well?
Begger.. !! *insert even more expletives about Dredd's Mom here* (most of them misspelled)
*Begger, was killed by (Dredds Character)
*Begger leaves. Diablo,s Minions weaken* (Minions weaken do to uncontrolled laughter!)
Dredd.. continues playing completely non-plussed*.

Non-plussed = Not bothered in the least.


Diabloii.Net Member
I used to keep only one account but currently I have 2.
A few higher lv characters on both & the rest are mules.
So I answered 1 to 5.


Diabloii.Net Member
before i stopped playin nl...and for got to refresh one of my mules

i had a string of ears mule that was missing all but 2 string of ears to fill it all the way up including cube

also doesnt someone have a diggler mule somewhere


I got 5 accs, and on each acc is one or two playable char, and some mules.
And a question for those of you that got 7+ mule accs, do you guys basically keep everything you find? I only keep stuff that's at least lum+, everything else I throw away, except if it's a low item that I need ATM.