most Irritating crap EVER!


most Irritating crap EVER!

How the HELL do I keep the status bar in IE from dissapearing?

I always turn it on, but it always auto-turns off!!!

Same thing goes for windows explorer, Im in winXP prof! and IE 6.0!
Heck, can't wait to upg this firebird to firefox!!!


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I feel your pain. It drove me crazy when I used IE. It still drives me crazy in Explorer.


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Lord_Shinnok said:
here is how you fix the problem.

Go here and the follow the instructions. Should take care of your problem. :cool:
Snarky answers don't fix his problem. While Firefox would help with the IE issue, he said that the status bar is disappearing in Explorer too. I'd really like to see how you plan to integrate Firefox into the shell, replacing Explorer.