Most active Realm/ mod


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I plan to start playing some D2 Again after some years of absence. However, I want to play in an active server hence I would like some advice on where to start playing. Saw that there Are some mods available now which I know nothing about. Should i go for Classic LoD or play one of the mods? And which server would be the best. I want an active server with an active trading community.



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Hi! Welcome back to D2 :D

I'm curious which server and mods and stuff are more active as well. Not sure if there is any way to track activity for such things without being a member of it.

Unfortunately, I only play on bliz's official LoD servers, so I won't know anything about mods or classic online play. From what I've seen, I see a lot of recent posts in the single player forums. Not so much over here though.