More newcomer enquiries


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More newcomer enquiries

Heya guys, I want to thank everyone on this board for having been patient and helpful with my D2 enquiries in the past week. This is indeed the first character that I have played to Hell mode and I am having a blast with my frenzy barbarian in my first experience.

There's a lot of things that I still would like to know, however, and have come to you all once again for help. Some general questions about some parts of the game that are still a little puzzing to me.

1. The Charsi imbue quest. I haven't actually got any items imbued by Charsi yet, even if I am in hell level at the moment, with all 3 imbues up for grabs, I just don't know what I could bring there that would make a worthwhile item. Does anyone have any idea what would give the best outcome? Or is the reward for the quest redundant now with the gear I am getting in Hell?(haven't finished yet, and having played untwinked, my gear is not that super to be honest - ok garbage, but I am working my way up!).

2. The Act 5 socketing. Same as the Charsi quest, does anyone recommend what would be most worthwhile to add some sockets to. In my opinion this seems like a very powerful reward and I am scared to socket something that I would upgrade in the near future, especially when I could hang out for a decent item to drop and socket something I am much less likely to replace.

3. Recommended rune/words to look out for. Does anyone have any intermediate level runeword recommendations? I am not at a stage yet where high end runes are dropping, but if I can start looking out for runes that would make some words advantageous for my class, I would be most appreciative. There are so many, and I am not sure which ones would serve me best in the long run.

4. Barbarian Weapon Masteries. At the moment I am working on maxing BO and my barbarian will be a iron/frenzy type, with the only thing left to work on would be to max out a weapon mastery, or a frenzy synergy. I have put some points into sword mastery at the moment, and I wonder what would be better: focus my remaining points on maxing mastery, or going for a frenzy synergy.

5. Weapon socket. At the moment I am using an Aldur's mace, and its far superior to any weapon I have come across so far. I notice that it has 3 sockets, and I wonder what could be the best runes/gems/jewels I could put in there. I realise the set is one that best suits druids, and perhaps one day I will be upgrading it, especially since I have mastered swords already and would probably be better off with a decent slasher down the line.

Thanks very much for reading this far, and any help you can give.
See you all online!


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Alright let's give these a try.

1. good items to imbue are .. circlets/coronets/tiaras and such. These can get nice mods and plus to skills to make very nice helms. At the least you might end up with a nice merc helm. Also worthwhile sometimes is merc weapons. Like a white ogre axe or collossus voulge or cryptic axe. But I would stick with circlets. Class specific items might be decent as well as they can get decent plus skills.

2. well you hit it right there, don't socket anything you are likely to drop in a heartbeat for another dropped item. Use it to socket items that you won't be upgradeing and remember ... you can always make another character to go through norm and get the socket quest if you run out of them. This quest is also useful to put sockets into white items to make runewords.

3. some decent runewords .... well for barbs a couple come to mind.

LORE (2 socket helm) runes = Ort Sol (plus 1 skills, light resist and some other useful mods) lvl 27 req
HONOR (5 socket weapons) runes = Amn El Ith Tir Sol (+100% enhanced dmg, life leech, +1 skills and other very nice mods) Level 27 as well
KING'S GRACE (3 socket swords/scepters) runes = Amn Ral Thul (very nice dmg mods, plus dmg to demons, cold dmg, good all round weapon) Level 23 req
STEALTH (2 socket armor) runes = Tal Eth (faster cast rate, faster hit recovery, faster run/walk and some other nice mods but no extra defense so use high def armor) Level 17 req IIRC
WEALTH (3 socket armor) runes = Lem Ko Tir (good for magic find with 100% increased chance of magic find, extra gold as well but no extra def so use a high def armor here too)
SMOKE (2 socket armor) runes = Nef Lum (great armor +75% defense, +50 all resistances and other great mods) I highly reccomend this one Level 27-29 I think.

those are easy ones to make and low level requirement, with easily found runes. there are others but those are the ones that came to mind. Remember, if the level requirement on the item used is higher than the runes used in it then the level req of the runeword will be that of the item instead.

4. In my opinion max your mastery first then put points into the synergy.

5. well decent additions there would be: Amn runes for life leech (always handy), shael runes or fervor jewels (15% IAS) for faster weapon speed, or anything that adds some elemental dmg ... Ort/Ral/Thul/Tal runes, or if you need mana leech too put in a couple perfect skulls for both life leech and mana leech.

Hope That Helps



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2. Best items to socket in my opinion are ethereal high level items that can reach 6 sockets for Breath of the Dying. They fetch quite a price.


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3. Don't forget the Black runeword (Thul Io Nef). This is a great runeword for a frenzy barb. get 2 weapons that you can use (remember they have to be clubs/hammers) and fire away. The other nice part is the charges of Corpse Explosion that come on them. I'm a big fan of Black all the way through the game. My HC Frenzy barb uses 2 Black Tyrant Clubs. Knockback is sometimes seen as a problem, but not for my style. I warcry my monsters before I attack them, so they're already stunned.

4. Frenzy skill points/synergies. I prefer points in taunt to points in the Mastery. A point in taunt gives the same 8% ED, and at high levels will lower the amount of damage monsters do by a LOT. Taunt is a skill that is great to use against ranged attackers and monsters that can resurrect. It's also a synergy to War Cry, which EVERY frenzy barb should use.... if the monsters are stunned, they're not attacking you.