More damage, how?


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More damage, how?

My druid is lvl 87 with maxed wind synergies! he has +7 to all skills so that means all synergies and +7 to everything.

Thats 3.2k max damage but I hear druids who reach over 5k I just don't know. Using Tornado btw..

I hear something about "Ele gcs" to increase damage, please explain i'm newbie :p


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With maxed skills, 9 skill grand charms + torch + anni, and this gear;

~+3 elemental skill hat {with possibly +3 to a specific skill}
~+2 armor {chains of honor or enigma or rain}
~+2 shield {spirit}
~+3 weapon {hoto}
~+2 rings {soj/bulkathos}
~+3 amulet {+3 elemental}
~+1 belt {arachnids
~+1 from battle orders on weapon switch
~+2ish from a shrine.

you get 18 + 9 + 4 + 20, which is around 51, maybe more if the hat has +specific skills.

That damage is way over 6k.

The people who said they have over 5k are most likely pvp druids.


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A Grand charm with the magic prefix of "Nature's" adds +1 Druid Elemental skills, so with 9 of these, Druid Hellfire torch and Annihilus small charm your tornado damage will be around the 5k mark.

Edit: pwn'd by Mrgoth :grin: