More Blizzcon Reports




Delving greedily and deeply into the depths of the Internet, I’ve found a few more hands on play reports from Blizzcon.

  • IGN Oz contributes Ten Things You Should Know About The Monk and it’s well worth the read.

  • RPGamer files a long and detailed D3 @ Blizzcon report, with info on all the classes.

  • CrispyGamer’s Blizzcon write up focuses largely on the graphics. They like them, and think the art controversy complaints are foolish.

  • GiantBomb talks about the Monk, but doesn’t say anything you haven’t heard already. They also have video of a seven-minute interview with Leonard Boyarsky and Kevin Martens, with the guys standing right in front of the awesome Barbarian poster art I recently attempted to share with you guys. It’s definitely worth viewing; click through to see it.

  • AusGamers gives a thorough but superficial run down of the current state of Diablo 3.
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