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Hello guys!

I'm trying to do an experience chart, to calculate how much exp. does a hell Baal run yield, and how many are required for a level up from level 61 and beyond.

I tried it last night and everything was fine. First I opened a game in Normal, to count exactly how many monsters were there in each wave. Then from the Arreat Summit, I took the base monster types, increased their level +3 and their expercience yield x5, being uniques and minions. For example, a Warped Shaman in act V is lvl 83 and has a base exp. of 72,715. So Colenzo would have +3 lvl and x5 exp, 86 and 363,575. And finally made a chart, from 1 to 8 players, and from level 61 to 98.
But here it didn't look right. It showed about 3100 runs required for level 98, we knew that. But also showed 12 runs for level 61, and I knew they should be actually less. So what was wrong? I downloaded Diablo 2 Calculator v3.0.5, and it showed different numbers for monsters. For example, Colenzo is shown to be level 93 and have a base exp. of 106,385.
To further complicate matters, I created a game in single player, to check their drops with ATMA. I collected the drops from the first 3 waves, and they were all ilvl ** (eighty eight, dunno why they appear as asterisks). Shouldn't the ilvl be equal to the monster's level?

So here I have 3 different levels. Anyone knows their actual levels and experience, or knows a link to a page? Thanx!
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Check out the monster pages on the d2 wiki of this site, the monster levels and base experience are fairly accurate there. I would not trust the monster info on Arreat Summit. Baal's minions are level eighty eight, except for the death mages, so that calculator is probably outdated. Be aware the unique monster base experience already has the x5 factored in.

The existing Baal exp. charts start at level 90 because of the trivial amount of time it takes to level sub 90, as you already know.


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Super Unique monsters have two more minions in Hell than in Normal (this does not include the Death Mages that spawn with Achmel the Cursed).

As Nanomist has pointed out, the Arreat Summit is inaccurate (I can't vouch for the accuracy of this site's wiki, though). In Nightmare and Hell of Lord of Destruction, monster level normally equals area level (the only exceptions should be bosses), so all Super Unique monsters and their minions in the Throne of Destruction (level 85) are level ** (85+3) and the Death Mages are level 85.

Diablo 2 Erfahrungs Calc should be accurate, although I haven't personally verified that: you might want to cross-reference this with's Monstertabellen.

I'm not sure why eighty-eight displays as ** either, even when using the keypad, but on a UK keyboard SHIFT + 8 = *.


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It's good to see the experience calc at ingame working again. D2Wissen looks good too, thanks for sharing.

Number eighty-eight is censored on this site. Wasn't sure why until I browsed the wikipedia page.