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Bug Monster Tele/Far Hit Bug

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by iNxTc-HeMp, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. iNxTc-HeMp

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    Jul 29, 2017
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    I've been playing diablo 2 a lot recently and have experienced the most bizarre and rather rage inducing bug that I've not encountered before.

    I usually play alongside my father who sits fairly close to me in one room.

    On my screen I see monsters not noticing my presence and continue to do a range of movements like; sit still, look at walls, run into walls, or move towards me and have their moving animation canceled. After this happens the following tends to occur; the monsters either a) teleport on top of me, b) hit me off screen, or c) hit me onscreen from a distance.

    Now usually I'd put this down to lag and if I get killed by this "lag" then I would switch to Single Player where I can enjoy a "lag" free, farming simulator but ever since today when my father pointed out that the monsters were moving a-ok on his screen and that I was being "bold" for standing still and not moving away from the Pit Lord it made us wonder whether it would be down to an error in my diablo 2 files, if it's a fixable error by typing in some coding in the target-line, if it's the glide wrapper that I am using or if it's some sort of error on behalf of my pc.

    Thank you for your time :)

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