Monster explosion on death damage

Monster explosion on death damage

Hi all,

I've play Hardcore and test my build in single player. Recently I have a barb that after BO has 4700 life. Still when I killed a unique boss, the explosion after they die often kill me. This is in /players 1 too. Is there a single player bug regarding this insane after life damage? If it is not a bug, there is no chance any barb survive in hell hardcore then? wtf is blizzard thiking making explosin damage exceed an above average life ( for me 2000 life should survive all of these damage).

Is there something I don't know?



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Even with a shaftstop & 80% fire res, if you whirl through a fire enchanted boss while cursed it does a lot of damage. It is FUBAR.

Cloud Strife

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it could be that the explosion dmg always does a percentage of dmg relative to your life (like a fire shrine) and then if u were cursed at all (typically u are cursed when fighting monsters like that) it enhanced the dmg it did.


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nah i kinda know what Titan is talking about..that happened to me vs the guy in tristam...I wasnt amped either, but once I killed him..boom..I was dead.
Happened more than once also...tho this was when 1.10 was released..hasnt happened in quite a while now.
There was't amped or cursed of any kind, just one big explosion that drain 4700+ life in one hit. This happen to me often so I paid very close attention to my life buld before a unique boss die, so I'm pretty sure it was just a lot of physical and elemental damage. Even when I have damage reduce through shaftop and cold absorb from raven frost, fire, cold or ice explosion still kill me in an instant. Anyone else notice this?


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is the build in single player? if it is, maybe you should just try connecting to and run a game. maybe something will change.