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Monk build duo with a barb

Discussion in 'Monk' started by glasspinne, May 1, 2012.

  1. glasspinne

    glasspinne IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2006
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    Monk build duo with a barb

    Me and my brother will be playing as a duo for most of the time. I will be playing barb and he'll be playing a monk. We figured that would be a decent durable combo.

    After playing the free beta and reading about the game I get the feeling that getting through normal will be a cakewalk just to give you a feel for the game and that the more challenging part begins in nightmare or possibly hell. I would say nightmare now at launch since the lack of great gear will make it tougher.

    With that in mind I think AOE builds will be the way to go in normal for sure, but the further into the game you get single target DPS builds will take over more and more.

    Here is the build I'm thinking of using for my baba, it's a bit different than what I've seen from others but I like to be different so why not? ;)!dcY!YaZccY

    Now I would like some suggestion for a monk build to complement that bard build. The only thing we know for sure is that we'd like to use the mantra of conviction combined with Reclamation rune.

    Would like to have good single target DPS but since the baba main skill is frenzy which is single target DPS the monk should be the one more focused on dealing AOE dmg if that is possible. We havn't played a monk during the beta so we have no clue about the class really.

    Appreciate some suggestion for builds, more focused towards hell/inferno.

    Any reason why monk/barb would not be a good duo?
  2. WhiteGiant

    WhiteGiant IncGamers Member

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Re: Monk build duo with a barb

    Mantra of conviction sounds good on paper but as for many builds ; there are to many undefined variables ; and possibly hidden loopholes ( seeing how everything got streamlined to a very conform power distribution for skills )

    eg. are the ticks of sweeping wind considered melee attacks ? if so ; is each pulse an attack or each hit ?
    is the Thunderclap rune considered secondary dmg effect considered a melee attack ?
    is each trigger of Way of the hundred fists only considered as one attack ? even though the second stage of it hits 7 times ?

    iam sceptic about all those shady mechanics and all those non descript inaccurate shallow tootips.

    for that matter i wouldnt worry about your build at this point, i'd rather try all the stuff out along the way ; because chances are even if you set up a skill combo right now , you change your mind anyway after you experienced the skills ingame.

    also you wont have all runes / skills available at your convenience often you have to wait for several more Levels until you unlock that one rune that fits your build's destination. for that matter i'd just experiment along the way ; the progress speed decelerates as you go through the difficulties which should give you ample opportunity to experiment.

    i made several builds which could work out though in the end you have to judge skills and skill combination ingame.

    but iam already pretty certain that i will change my mind anyway as i go.
  3. Hadrial

    Hadrial IncGamers Member

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Re: Monk build duo with a barb

    I wouldn't base your build off a level 60 build you set up, obviously you won't have all of your skills/runes/passives in normal.
    For the monk build look at something like the following.!ZfV!ZabaaZ

    Hundred fists, seven sided strike = Single target
    Crippling wave, Exploding Palm = AOE

    You could switch out Seven-Sided strike for Cyclone Strike or even Sweeping Wind as I feel 30 seconds is quite long for a damage skill (for awesome aoe with barb, Exploding palm x3> Cyclone strike > (barb)Ground Stomp> kill?), always keep breath of heaven on both of you(With guiding light passive and blazing wrath rune it will give the monk 31% increased damage and barb 16% at all times)

    I kinda like this build for barb as well:!YZg!aabZaZ

    Switch mantra to your likings, Conviction/overawe is probably the best for this purpose.


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