Monday!... Yes it's monday.


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Monday!... Yes it's monday.

Don't forget work today Carmallon, it's not Sunday today :p

D2: Probably going to do some Pindleskin runs today with my BF Assassin, been going pretty dry at the moment but I guess it will be better later on. Laso thinking of playing my Wind Druid some, but he is so boring.

Have a nice day all.


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Got up in 9am.
Did some wight lifting, ate breakfest in front of tv.
Bought coke(coca-cola not drugs :D ) and cigarets, and now i all set to play my 2 new sc chars(been playing hc for 2 years ;) ) Leaper is ready to beat normal ancients and my skelimancer still doing ball pindel eldrich norm mef runs in hope to find some usefull stuff for my allmighty barb.


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Nacaa said:
Don't forget work today Carmallon, it's not Sunday today :p

My RDO today so I spent some time with my Septavirate character. He's on his way to Normal Mephie. Hoping for a semi decent moron drop :rolleyes:

- Jas :howdy:


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Nacaa said:
Don't forget work today Carmallon, it's not Sunday today :p
Yeah, I'm in my office for 2 hours now, and I should have stayed home. Everything goes wrong here, we're having serious problems with our schedules.

Well, and after I reached the WSk2 WP in NM with my MET necro I decided to have a break from this rather difficult char. I need a fast pit / wsk runner for a possible summer MFO and started to build a fishy in SC. I have some equip stashed away for him, but even untwinked as he is now he's quite fast... 8 skeletons and a defiance merc overrun every foe they come across, even these unravelers, I'm on my way towards Duriel in normal and I guess that act will be finished in only one more hour. I'm at a birthday party this evening though, he may have to wait until tomorrow.


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Monday sucks. Lots of work at university, little time for the more pleasant aspects of life. (hence no new guardians last week and none this week either.) Ah well, just another 3 hours and I can go home... to continue working there. I'm not quite sure the guy who said getting a diploma beats joining a gang or becoming a drunken hobo was right...


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yay monday and 2 hours sleep. now i must find my team mate then i can see if i get to skeep or bot, anyway india is a strange thing but yet they havce democrazy with is the point. Atleast it answer the why and whast questions. On a molre serious note doing your reuslts likle a background is bad anf gets - from me.

hows you dat ben?


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*quietly retrieves daily from page two*

Work today, despite being a bank holiday. Maybe I ought to work for a bank, instead :) At least I get paid more for doing the same thing as usual.

And then there's D2, of course. Which today (and late yesterday) comprised:

Blizzard sorc: More Pindling, more experience gain - but not much. Still a looong way to lvl 95.

LF/CS Javazon: Beat Diablo, got to Act V Hell. Running Eldritch for experience. A random Foul Crow boss dropped Skull Collector, which is another grail item for me.

PDagger Necro: Now at the Canyon of the Magi in Normal Act II. Lvl 25, and wondering exactly how long it takes to stab with a dagger whilst under (un-)Holy Freeze.

Have a good day!


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Icebird breaks stealth, saps unsuspecting humanoid, sneaks off into the shadows again...

=== === ===

My long weekend was last week so its back to work again.

The Alcaz Brute Squad and Light of the Alliance had a successful raid on Upper Blackrock Spire yesterday. Enough people hung around afterwards for me to complete my warlock's Dreadsteed quest in Dire Maul. I now have a fiery horse who runs very, very fast. Took a video of the final battles of the quest which are very, very fun. Going to try and polish them up and then find somewhere to get them hosted.

=== === ===

Icebird performs Vanish.



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Am hanging out here in Small Town and it's nice. Weather is great. Haven't tried to play D2 much except at night but then i'm beating back those darn mosquitoes (hate 'em!) and lack of sleep.

Leveled my fledgling Wind Druid one level (wow!) to level 27 and that's about it. Did maybe 15 Pindle runs on p1 and nothing much popped up except for a rare Hydra Bow (damn!), rare Legendary Mallet (damn!), rare Kraken Shell (not worried as I have many of those item(s) ) and a rare Scourge (damn!).

Someday, someday.

Disco-neck Ted

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Had family in town visiting from several states/cities. Barbecue Saturday night with me = byo veggie food. Very fun. Then serious business up in the mountains followed by a great lunch at an outdoor cafe (circa 8000 feet elevation), hiking, dinner and the new Star Wars flick.

Supposed to have today off but relatives left at dawn and work didn't start until 2p, so best of both worlds there. In the office racking overtime $$ without missing any visit time.

Have fun, everyone.