Monday thread


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Monday thread

yup, Moday is here again, well what are your plans for today?
my weekend was great, friday night i wentout, saterday i saw 3 movies in the cinema, saternight i went out (again) and yesterday i had a important basketball game whcich we lost... i had however 9 3-pointers, 7 assists and 100% on my free-throws.. so i was a little bit happy after all..

ow and as things are looking now, i have my compu back in 3 days :bonk: finally, i can play diablo again :clap:

Have fun everyone today,



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Back at work today after a nice weekend travelling on a cruise to Stockholm. When I came back yesterday at 10.30 am I had the whole day to focus on playing (rare opportunity) and I used it to Guardian my Sorc in 1.10 :clap: . Be ready to find an exultant Guardian thread in about 10 - 12 hours or so when I'm back at home and have all of Starlane's stats at hand. She wasn't a special build though, pretty much the new cookie-cutter type of Frozen Orb and Meteor/fireball


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w00t! Nice job on the basketball excellence. You would clearly be able to mop the floor with me...however, were it frisbee, it might be a different story. ;)

Hm. haven't done much of merit in D2 lately. My shockadin is temporarily stalled out in Act 1 Hell and i'm basically outfitting him in order to get him to 95% res of the trades for a great res all GC didn't go through, so different plans are being made. oh well. such is life. :) Hope you all have a pleasant coming week. :thumbsup:

edit: congrats, Karmeus! :)


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Got my NF clone to Act III NM. At first I wasn't so sure I'de like playing a minon necro, but now I like it. I just consider my skellies to be a "spell" cast type weapon. It bothers me less if I think of it this way as opposed to having them do all the work for me. Can't wait to farm meph for some goodies. I'm not sure how much MF I can strap on yet. But I'm pretty sure it'll be around 200.

I also did some hell memph running in 1.09. I think memph knows what I'm up to because she didn't drop anything yellow let alone gold for the first 7 runs. Then she let up a little and gave me a best item of atlantean. (sp?)

Hope everyone has a nice monday. I'm gonna jump out a perfectly good aircraft today.(Hopefully 3 times) :clap:

Oh, and if anyone knows if there are any semi-regular 1.09 cow games still going on, please pm with details.


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Friday I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the third time. Great movie.
Sasturday I saw my brother's band Schizo play in the afternoon, and on the evening me and a friend sat up talking until 8.30 am sunday.
After that alnighter I didnt feel very good sunday, so I just ran som meph and went to bed 8.00 PM. And now I am home sick from school.


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After happily posting that my Fishymancer got to Nightmare a few days ago, I now have to do it all over again... at least from the point just after I killed Nilathak.

Heres how it goes, after trying Nightmare, I decide to level up too 55 while playing Baal/Meph/Council MF runs in Normal. After many runs I get to level 55, so I decide to quit and get some sleep.. odd thing is, my game crashes half way through quitting... no problem, I check and save file is still tehre and cool.

Next morning, I load up to do another run while I wake up, windows does a Scandisk on the way to boot, and I load up D2... no Necromancer on character selection screen. Odd.. I check the Save directory.. yup, there he is.. I try and open it in ATMA, it tells me the file is corrupt... :(

I'm mildly irritated to discover that all the more recent ATMA backup files are also messed up. But fortunately I did discover that one still works.

I've lost 10 levels, some rather nice items, and have to go through half of Act 5 again, not to mention items lost... but at least I didnt loose him completely :)

Oh well, back to Normal to try and make up what I lost... Hope everyone has a good day!


Diabloii.Net Member had a game like that and your team LOST? Wow! :fish:

Karm...grats again on the Guardian. :clap:

Dolph...awesome movie. I've no idea how many times I've watched it, but it must be closer to 30 than 3. ;)

Borlag...sorry to hear you're unwell, get better buddy!

As for me, the weekend was nice. The missus took Friday off without letting me know and prepared a fancy homecoming for me with exotic drinks, fancy foods and all that sort of stuff. On Saturday my hockey team got thumped by the runaway league leaders but then we had a nice relaxing Valentine's evening just on the couch watching various movies. Sunday we had a friend over for more drinks and great food.

Almost no Diablo over the weekend but it was a really nice one nonetheless.

Butz. :teeth:


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Butzull said: had a game like that and your team LOST? Wow! :fish:

yeah i know, but we lost 102-98 so i was kinda frustrated :lol: but yeah, it was a really good game, 2 very strong teams but i just cant stand some referee's... ^^


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i played my Fire/Orb Sorc Cleo to Matriarchdom yasterday. yet again Baals quest drop was absolute [email protected]
useless demon :rant:
anyway, i had planned a Vega Sorc, but saw no good reason to max Cold Mastery (after putting in about 5 pts), and plowed the points into Fireball instead, which turned out to be pretty mean, so she's doing massive damage with her Fire Tree spells, with over 10k impact damage from Meteor and about 4k damage from Fireball and about slvl 29 FO.

she's destined to be my MFer, so hopefully the luck is with her

@Borlag: get well soon

:) matt

edit: fixed some


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strijdje said:
yeah i know, but we lost 102-98 so i was kinda frustrated :lol: but yeah, it was a really good game, 2 very strong teams but i just cant stand some referee's... ^^
Is my spidersence picking up some blaming here? ;) Was the ref. Durf by any chance?


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Is my spidersence picking up some blaming here? ;) Was the ref. Durf by any chance?
hehe nah, the point was the ref didnt quite understand the difference between a good block and a violation (good grammar ? :teeth: )

A center on my team made 4 HUGE blocks and every single one of them was, according to the ref, a violation which ended up in 2 free throws our opponent.... they made 6 points due these free throws... notice the difference of 4 points :rant:

I BLAME DURF!!! :teeth:


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well i played up my zon to act 3 nightmare and think she will kick diablo today.

the zon will be the easiest char of all i have planned the rest will be hard but fun i hope :D


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I'm happy to note I backed up all of my chars on to CDRW around 1:00 AM (EST). I couldn't sleep so I decided on a few more runs and found a Wire Fleece and a Ko rune. Hooray for late night coffee. :thumbsup:


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Played a couple of Pindle-Eldritch-Tresh-Baal-River of Flame-Mephisto-Pit-Andy run with my Skelimancer who I haven't been using for quite some time now. The lucky dude found a Vex on my second visit to Tresh, and a Bone Visage on my third visit ro the Pit. Not great finds but still, I was able to make an Heart of the Oak with the Vex I've been searching, bad thing is, it got a measly 31% resist all. :( Still awesome though.


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Finished end of act 1 nm with my mf hammerdin, soon I can do pit runs yay, and made it to far oasis act 2. Man the maggot lair is a pain with those crowded hallways, at least my merc was strong enough to kill pretty fast with my concentration aura on. Go go Waheed :clap:

Also a quick question; are andys drops counted as the first in nm as well and is there any benefit running her in nm besides increased chance to drop SoJs

Thx for any help


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Hey, all! Went out of town this weekend, so I thought I'd take Monday off. Diablo (on and off) almost all day...

So, I took my Hammerdin to lvl 62 today. New items in use are a Wizardspike (how nice is that?) and a Raven Frost. Also strapped on a +2 Pally skills shield with decent resists. I'm popping hammers at ~2200-2300 per hammer. Ohhhhh, that's so warm and fuzzy!!

Went from beginning of ACT II NM to end of ACT III today. Meph didn't drop a thing, and my map seed stinks. I don't know if I'll run him or not before heading on to Act IV.

@Borlag: hope you feel better! I have no idea how bad your fever is, but anything in celsius sounds nasty!! :)
Anyone know how to translate celsius to fahrenheit?

Back to work tomorrow. :(

Good luck to all!