Monday Thread a.k.a. Stargaze is 31!


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Monday Thread a.k.a. Stargaze is 31!

Happy Birthday Stargaze! Stargaze was born on March 28, 1974, just six days before my brother. How's that for a claim to fame.

Many happy returns of the day. :D

The Monday thread: Bleargh. I hate being at work and I think I will leave at around 5:00 and drink beer on the way home. I love living in a country that doesn't have any silly laws against walking around town with open containers of alcohol.


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8:45 AM here, been mf'ing the last 5-6 hours.

With the 2nd UBER Hone-Sundan dropping I won't be going to bed anytime soon :)


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Happy Bday Stargaze.
This award is for you.

Stargaze's Candle of Decrepify
+1 Year on lighting
25% Chance to cast Firewall or Firecurtain while lit
33% Chance to cast Decrepify on user(This effect is permanent)
75% Chance to cast Inebriation on user
Item drops are increased by 365% for 24hrs
-1 Wish upon extinguish
Qty 31

Wow I can't color that huh. :(


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Happy birthday Stargaze! :)

D2-wise, played my Blizz sorc a bit more. Same story as usual, ie. a handful of experience and not really any great items.

Have a good day!


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DurfBarian said:
I love living in a country that doesn't have any silly laws against walking around town with open containers of alcohol.
Oh man, to be back in Tokyo where vending machines sell everything from giant cans of Super Asahi Dry to used female underwear (and yes, I saw this once in Shinjuku). I'm surprised that Ishihara hasn't made that his next platform to distract people from real issues instead of whipping up public sentiment on the "gaijin mondai" :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, Asashoryu won the Spring Basho (what's new?) ... let's see how the Grand Sumo Association trashes him again ;)



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Hakai_no_Tenshi said:
Oh man, to be back in Tokyo where vending machines sell everything from giant cans of Super Asahi Dry to used female underwear (and yes, I saw this once in Shinjuku).
I once saw a vending machine with porn magazines, right next to one with sandwiches...Vending machines can fullfil all your basic needs:)

Happy birthday Stargaze whoever you are:)

I'm still sick so I don't really feel up to tackling the Hell Ancients with my Wind druid or Nightmare Duriel with my Meteorb sorceress:( Probably a few Lower Kurast/pindle runs with my skellymancer...Being sick sucks!!!


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Happy birthday Stargaze :thumbsup:

When I was in Belgium a few years ago (when I was 15) there was a huge vending machine there, selling everything from cat food to beer. I took special notice of the bottles of Martini being sold:uhhuh: . It even took credit cards...

As for D2 my blizz sorc just took Act 4 (normal) apart, only stopping to drink mana potions every 10 seconds (and unfortunately I'm not exaggerating). And what did Diablo give me? Nothing useful at all. I still haven't found a unique/set item since I started playing again, unless failed sets count:( .

And a quick question for someone, what level can you start to gamble items with the bahamuts or great wyrms affixes, I could really do with an item that has one of them.

edit: I feel like an idiot now, I just realised I formatted one of my hard drives a few months ago, as it was slowing down, and scandisk found a lot of bad sectors, and anything that went near the My Documents directory got corrupted. At the time I hadn't played Diablo in a while, so I completely forgot that my ATMA stashes were saved in the ATMA directoryon my C: drive (D2 is installed on D:), and I only just realised. Oh well, s**t happens I suppose, at least I still have some of my old characters (well 4 dead HC ones, my PvP bone necro and zealot, and a HC sorc).


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Bad news on the computer tale.

My ATMA stash has at least 3-4 of everything (Uniques) Your welcome to them if U want.

Contact me in games and I can transfer to U

Im usually playing early mornings its 7:31 AM now here.



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Had a great day of d2 all day Sunday. I spent about 9 hours playing, which is about four times longer than I normally get in. I took my new frost zealot through act 4 and 5 normal and about half of act 1 nm...and OMG act 5 is long. Also did some MF runs with my sorc and added two items to my grail. :)

Happy birthday to Stargaze whoever you are, and congrats on being 6 days older than Durf's brother.


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To Stargaze: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (I hope the website I cut-and-pasted that from is correct.)

D2-wise: ran Meph on p1 about 2-3 dozen times. Got about 4 gem shrines that I used to upgrade my flawless rubies to perfects. Best drop from Meph today was Carrion Wind. Finally traded for a 1.10 Trang-oul's Girth. I'll be starting my necro in Hell this week.

Pico Dynamite

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Man, I haven't played much D2, how upsetting :p. I got the staff on my trapsin and got her to arcane, and thats about it, nothing much interesting. I've taken to playing lots of guitar lately, which is fun in all but I'm not getting much D2 time, so I might have to cut back :D.
Hope everyone had a great Monday, and hope Stargaze is had a great Bday!


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Thank you so much!

Holla! I must say, I'm ... quite baffled. For half a year or so I'm just lurking every now and then, and you still remember me (and my birthday, which is even more impressive since I can barely remember my closest family's birthdays).

I love you, SPF! I have other things in mind than playing D2 (I haven't even touched a single computer game in the last four months), so that's why my presence here has ebbed to nothing (I'm not even Pal anymore, don't even know when my Paldom expired). I'm still chicking in, reading a thread or two at times, but I don't know if I'll ever do something D2ish again.

Have a good time, all of you,



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God, your just a young'en too Stargaze. I've got a decade on you. :D Happy birthday for monday.