Monday started with sorrow, hope it's a good one for you i


Monday started with sorrow, hope it's a good one for you

It's less than 3 hours into Monday here, and as there was no daily for everyone's favorite day of the week :rolleyes: yet, I decided to start one.

As of 22:40 on Sunday night, the former Turkish prime minister Bülent Ecevit, who's played an important role many times in the recent history of Turkey has deceased. Some people don't like him (as is the case with all politicians), but he was an extremely well educated man, a symbol for honesty and politeness, for whom art and literature was a significant part of life. He was a legend, whose name was written on mountain slopes; a prominent political figure who's sure to leave his mark to history; and in many people's opinion, the only real statesman in Turkey since the last few decades. Rest In Peace, Karaoglan (his nickname, meaning dark/bold boy)...

Edit: the CNN article

RL: Well, the day has only officially started, so I don't know. I have class from 8:40 to 4:30, though I probably won't attend it except for the 2 hours of microbiology lab. Will have to study later, which I rarely actually do, but I'm hopeful.

D2: Probably none... :unimpressed:

Have a good week!


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RL: Still sunday 8:21 PM here in nyc. Once I get to sleep tomorow I have school. Will drag my *** through school and try and survive it. Once I get home im puting this tuxedo black to use then after that just leaves d2. I finished my book so I might head over to the library and pick up a dozen more. Who knows maybe ill take a day off and just read. Lately havn't had much to do. I have a report on financial analyzing. Suck suck sucks. Also I have to find a pullup bar since I have nothing I can use and I need some sand bags.

d2: Plunge as far past act1 hell I can get! Things are alot faster now at p1. I might even start a new pvp character. I would like to have a ww barb or a foh pally. Maybe even a dr00d.

Have a good monday folks! Who knows I might not even get to see my monday lol.


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Here is monday 10am.
There is one exam paper in 3 hours time.
Wish myself goodluck.:sunny:

edit: After exam, I for sure will play my first/new hammerdin:flip:


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I almost posted a sundaily a couple of hours ago... glad I didn't.

RL: Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging, naturally there are mixed feelings about this throughout the world... frankly, I'm just happy for some resolution.

Tough day at work today, the store was wicked busy and I'm exhausted. I also discovered a small field mouse in my room today (cute little bugger). Glad I'm moving out soon as I don't want to have to decide the cute little bugger's fate.

Tomorrow (monday) will be another tough day at work, with inventory plus normal workload. Yay! (not.)

D2: MadMardigan hit level 92 (finally!) running Pindle on /p3. I know I know, running pindle with a melee character = madness! but he's my only character that far in hell. Impressive list of finds over two days and about 50 or so runs include (all grailies!):
Gargoyle's Bite Winged Harpoon
Black Hades Chaos Armor
Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe (only 2os, :tongue: )
Silkweave Mesh Boots
Giant Skull Bone Visage
And all I wanted was a measly Trang's belt. Fooey.

I also took JerryLeeLewis into Nightmare. Normal ancients and Baal & Co. were cake. He hit level 49 killing Lister, so he was able to use fireball from Trang's to kill Baal. He's 51 now at the Outer Cloister WP, I'm pretty sure fireball will be slow to kill in hell, but possible at /p1. We'll see.

So, long story short... Weee!


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it isnt to close to monday here but oh well

RL: off work pending a MRI on my knee so pretty bored
D2: playing lots of mp games with my free time and having fun


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RL: Like Buffa, I'm having an exam. Starts at 9 and we got 3 hours to do it. Psychology... pfff, I'm just not programmed to remember things asked in those exams. Too many persons and founders and things whose name I don't know in English. Got to try for the teacher's sake.
Tomorrow will be an official slack-off day. Except that I have to get the books I ordered last Wednesday.

D2: Plenty of time to build a Witchyzon. Or Riphook user. Or something. I'm very much lost with bowazons, because I haven't seen one since... err, 1.08. I'm just glad that I have plenty of time to find out what to do with her.
I'd also like to do some Hell Baals with Grim. clvl 87 starts to be pretty high for Pindle leveling.

Have a nice Monday everyone :sunny:


RL: Looks like everyone aroung the globe are having exams at year end. Mine is coming soon in 13 days away. So I'll be doing studeis and studies.

D2: Well, just wanna do some medieval mart updates and maybe will do some leveling with my IK Barb.


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RL: I didn't do enough homework this weekend and I'm going to have a stressful week of catching up as my punishment.

RL: Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging, naturally there are mixed feelings about this throughout the world... frankly, I'm just happy for some resolution.
I read that he has 10 days to appeal and am quite sure he will appeal, which will no doubt drag it out for another 2-5 years.

D2: Finaly quit mf'ing NM for a bit with my Blizzballer and thought I'd give Hell a go. I'm hoping to be able to run Hell Andy for a bit but I'm not sure if I will be able to with my merc's wussyness being quite aparent. Anyway, I made it to the Outer Cloister WP and so far so good. Believe it or not the Countess gave me a Pul as her first drop! My first SP Pul rune!! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I looked at it for a bit!

Off to bed, class early tomorrow.


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RL - well work is work and it's Monday so that automatically makes it worse, but it has been a relatively productive day so far and if I continue like that it should make the rest of the week easier.

D2 - My enchantress tournament character died this weekend, but that at least leaves me free to work on my main projects this install. A Sept and grail, both HC. We'll see where it all goes.

As far as world politics goes, as long as the oil price is stable and the gold and platinum price increase I don't pay too much attention.


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RL: My job has sucked for the past two years; almost impossibly, it got worse. I quit on Friday. I have something else lined up, but I am so beaten down that I'm wondering if it is just me and not the employer that sucks. I hope and pray that this works out.

D2: Doing Pindle runs with my Blizzsorc, got her to lvl80 thus far, and nothing much to show for it. Reading the results of the latest Pindlethon were truly frustrating, I don't seem to get squat to drop, even with 432% MF. Been doing questing alternately with my Trapper or Hammerdin, but starting to get thi itch to work on something new.