Monday, Mondaily


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Monday, Mondaily

RL: 9/11 here in NYC, so of course it's a bit somber around here. :soapbox: Personaly I think it should be remembered, but there is a point when you've gone overboard, ie all the movies and tv specials et al. /:soapbox:
Work and class today, trying hard to keep things as normal as possible.

D2: Toblerone made his way to the inner cloister. So hopefully in another session, two at most, he'll be in act two.


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I'm an hour and a half away from Tuesday and I've got work to look forward to in the evening. For the rest of the night, though, I plan on working out what I am going to do with the slew of characters I have. I can either play my 'Three Monster' characters, work through Act II with my Slayer Sorceress for the UGT or piss about with my LLD characters ( anyone out there to start a game or what?)...


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RL: Got to school at 8am today only to find out my first class was cancelled, doh! I went to 1 class and now have 2 hours to blow before my last class of the day, at which time I'm going home to play...

D2: My Strafe-a-zon is level 45 and in Act 1 NM, she is a blast to play and I'm really looking foward to getting my Might merc. I have a feeling killing is going to get hard in Hell.
My Rouges Bow Storm Pally is level 25 in act 3 Norm and is destroying everything he comes across. He also currently has a faster FPA then my Strafer when she isn't Strafing, go figure. I'm going to play the strafer tonight I think.



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Rl- well its tuesday about 40 mins ago. i am on holidays now so looks like i can play some D2 finally.

D2-today got to flayer jungle in Nightmare with my Untwinked Frenzy Barb. he is doing good at the moment and just trying to find better items :).



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D2-havnt played it much. but should be up to llding tomorrow i hope

og: bin playing oblivion a bit and im getting realy annoyed because evrytime i reach a certain point my pc restarts :S


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RL: it's time for my nap, but there's so much to do....

D2: Goltar and I started another MP set, I'm a singer barb and he's a golem necro. I forgot how much I hate low mana to start with....


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RL: There have been way too many parties outside the window of my room... my fiance and I are off to the library to study like we have been recently. The downside is that the library closes at 6 PM on Friday and Saturday, the days I need it most. My classes have (so far) been going much better than last year though!

D2: Too much work for D2 this week. :undecided: Maybe on Thursday...


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RL: I am with deaddave

D2: Spent a ridiculous number of hours running LK. Got absolutely nada worthwhile today despite spending three times as long as it took me to get a gul last night. Threatening to re-organize my stashes but I am too scared. Wondering if there is a 'summon literacy' spell I can cast on the forum ...


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Thyiad said:
RL: I am with deaddave
What are you doing with Deaddave? :wink2:

RL: The weights of life are prospering the burdons of choices past made.

D2: Blizz Sorc is up to 22, so technically she's not a Blizzsorc yet. My trapasin is at 11. I use her for mp with my son. I'll probably not get on tonight for long if any, and the same tomorrow.


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RL: Seems like I had a rotten day just like a lot of other folks.

D2: My vindicator/templar Leoric cleared the first two false tombs last night, hoping to squash the Big Bug tonight so I can get to work on my poisondaggermancer tomorrow (day off, wooo!). Not that I'm looking forward the the necro, I just want to get him out of the way.

OG: Been doing a lot of work on my main warhammer 40k army, and I took inventory on what I have left, and I was pleasantly surprised that I have less still to build than I have already built. Painting is another issue altogether.:lipsrsealed:

Catch you all later!


YAY!!! Skullcaptain is back to me again!!!! The doctor said the date had reached and he is out from hospital now..!!! I'm so so SOOOOOOOOO happy!!! Although he still a bit weak but he is strong enough to hug!!!! YAY!!!!

D2: maybe not today, gonna spend whole day with him!!! Haha!!!!!

Happy day everyone!!