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Mondaily Shmondaily

Well, I had my post half done, and due to overzealous clicking closing ATMA to check some stats, I closed my browser. Doh! So let's try this again.

RL: Night shift today, don't want to go in. This was much better in my original post.

D2: To sum up: Ryzell, my Meteorb with an interest in Fireball, made Champion at level 75 last night. Cold immunes suck. Meteor sucks. Occulus sucks with no blocking. Teleport into boss pack of cold immune succubi = bad. Huge packs of soul killers with blowpipes making you teleport all around like crazy also = bad.

Started work on Zanatos my hunter/summoner druid this morning. Finished the rescue the barbs quest and attained the Arreat Plateau WP. A little more experience to hit level 39 and he'll try out a WWS. Using Kuko right now.

Hope you all enjoy my gutted post, but I've got to get ready for work.

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RL: Not much. Boss away so surfing the net.

D2. Found my first 7%mf sc last night in the Flayer Jungle. Going to push my Necro on to Meph and see what kind of map I have. If it's good I'll do some runs, if not, I do The Pit.



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RL what's that?
D2 played only with my wolfbarb ( well not even, he was a zealot more) and now is finished ( lvl 79). good, supposed that this morning killed normal diablo.
with some runewords that i made, i'm in short of runes so maybe some good old HF hunting.


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nebux said:
RL what's that?
RL = retro leotards, they're the newest fashion rage. :grin:

RL: I left work early to avoid commiting murder.

D2: Instead, I'll kill a few monsters. I'm about 1 act away from taking a failed experiment sorc to HF, then I can abandon her.


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RL: n/a

D2: Been experimenting a bit with my IK barb. Running Pits, Cows, Flayer Jungle and Halls of xyz (from Harrogath). Cows are slow at p8, don't think I'll bother much with them with this char. Other tested areas go pretty smoothly. No big finds really, couple of 2-4os elite armors. And an ethereal Balrog Blade, which I socketed, thinking about Oath. Got 1 socket. Bah. I'm running out of Amns, I suppose I've been overzealous with cubing them to Shaels.


RL: I hate chemistry..

D2: Doing a slow questing in Hell Act3, try to takeout everyone in /p8 with my huge minions and revives..