Mondaily - Lacquer!


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Mondaily - Lacquer!

It's monday by far now, and again not a daily anywhere. So I make my second daily thread :tongue:

RL: Today I don't have much to do, except for lacquering the table I sanded yesterday and get some food for my GF and myself. Besides that I think I will study a bit for the neurology internship that starts next monday. But for now, just relaxing while having some time off.

Diablo: Started a new character yesterday, for the enchantress tournament. Plaaned to make one anyway, so this is a nice opportunity. Besides that I took my HC shock avenger to NM last night and I still have to do some countess runs with my char for skunk's tourney and collect some runes for later.


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It's tuesday in 1.5 hours time. :)

RL - Finished my assignments (for the year.) YAY. :jig: Now I can move on and finally get together with a good friend. :wink3:
(Oh, and after I finished my assignment, I did actually dance like this ---> :jig: Glad noone had a camera.)

D2 - Got my new frost zealot past Andy NM. Nothing really.

Fists of Legend

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Monday means 5 days till deer hunting.:jig: :flip: I can't wait.

RL: Have to work at 10 but, have to help a friend track down a deer he shot last night. We spent 2 hours tracking it last night but wasn't able to get it. Hopefully the daylight will help us to pick up the trail agian.

D2: Finished normal with my WW barb last night so I'll probably start him off in NM tonight. Either that or pat my meterorb sorceries.


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Freekje, I'm playing a vengeance / shock pally too, although mine is in SC. I don't know if yours is allowed to twink, but I found out that The Chieftain is really useful, most foes drop with one hit, and you get 6 mana back... almost the cost of vengeance at late normal / early NM. So far, playing him is a breeze... switched to ribcracker now, and some other midrange equip. What are your plans for endgame gear? I'm quite undecided concerning boots and gloves, and even body armour (although Duriel's seems to fill some gaps).

Dark Matter

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Monday pm here now.

RL: At work, bored.

D2: Going to push to complete the 2K Pindles before tomorrow night. Have cancelled a birthday party I am due to attend this evening, AND I have taken tomorrow afternoon off work.

No, I am not addicted :shocked:



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skunkbelly said:
lol Freekje... I saw the subject line and thought you found Tal's Armor
I already hoped someone would react to it like this :grin: :rolleyes:

... I don't know if yours is allowed to twink...
To answer all your questions: I started playing HC again a while ago, so I don't have much gear in the first place, and also I decided to go untwinked with almost all chars. Maybe that I'll make one twinked sorceress in the future, but not yet.
So I don't have much plans for end game gear, but I must say that I don't care much, as logn as I make it :laugh: Currently my weapon is a steel crystal sword, so that's not really impressive. To take care of the mana I use a 4% mana leech amulet, 3% gloves (+more) and 3% ring (+more) and for now, early NM, it amazingly works. But I realize I need a better weapon soon, I might go for an exceptional steel weapon, or maybe another simple runeword. I am lucky to have found unique kite shield, which also suits me for now.


Wolfgang Abenteuer

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My Sin incurred her first, and hopefully last, death. I finally get to A2 NM which means it's time to get a HF merc, only I forgot that HF mercs were the DEFENSIVE ones and not the COMBAT ones (I always forget that for some reason :tongue: ). Anyway, it turns out that a Thorns merc + a Shadow Master that has a disturbingly unhealthy love for Mind Blast + an enemy that becomes un-coverted yet retains his Thorns aura for a few seconds + an overzealous attacking assassin = a dead overzealous attacking assassin. :grin: I ended up stopping at the Halls 2 waypoint.



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RL: First day back at school today after the reading week, I only had class so that wasn't too bad. Also I got a brand new LCD monitor for my computer. It's SO much nicer then the old POS I had before.

D2: I'm a bit Amazon'ed out at the moment since I've been playing TehDexAZon madly, and then my first character in Skunks Ultimate Tournament turned out to be an Amazon too. I've been playing my Lightning sorc the past few days just as a change of pace, anyway I managed to kill her just now at level 74. I can't say I'm too upset since she didn't really have any valuble or rare equipment on. It was deffinetly my own fault that she died. I'll re-build her, but not this month. I just don't have the twinking gear for a light sorc yet. So I guess it's back to the amazon's for a bit longer.



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RL--> Found out that my house is getting a makeover. Ants have invaded and have been leaving bites on my 6 mo old, so my wife went irate until the housing people decided, "Ok, time to cover our mistakes for good before we get sued."

D2--> Since ending my Pindlethon III runs, I have been working on my Cleric, which is going SOOOOOOO slow... even on /p1... FoH just isn't powerful enough... He's having trouble with Hell Diablo, got a Hel from HF... Sitting at Lvl 80 (Ran areas for XP A LOT)... Will shelve him for now and work on getting him to Pindle sometime else. Started (a while ago) my Fury/Fireclaws Wolf, currently Lvl 48 and in Act II NM... Also started (over the weekend) my Ghost who will incorporate Venom as a main Skill... She's lvl 19 ATM and in Act II Normal... I hate Act II... Yuck!!! Joined the Enchantress Tourney, so I will work on her for now, until the end of that tourney...

Tonight i will start and work on my Enchantress, hopefully getting to late Act I...


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RL: Just got home from school, no homework tonight! Not much to do tonight so im hoping to just relax.

D2: My skellymancer is level 52 now and just started act 2 nightmare. Going pretty well and iv found some good things. For some reason it was raining runes last night and i got 3 iths in a row. Think the best i got tho was only a sol or a sheal. But im happy with any runes.


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nebux like medusa's gaze
nebux has a medusa's gaze now, but nebux unhappy alot of his eth shield
nebux run Pindle like crazy for medusa, but Pindle angry with nebux and gives him more
useless TC 87
nebux hates Pindle now, but tomorow nebux and Pindle good friends again.
nebux go to sleep

also nebux worked today ,but only a little


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nebux murders english language


RL: three hours' sleep, means my eyes are drooping, I'm occasionally nodding off to sleep, and I've got class for nine hours today. w00+.

D2: Going to make a bow-assassin. Big venom, big speed. I'll probably go Burst of speed, but fade looks awesome, and is effective to boot.

New avatar soon...


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RL: Interviewed & photographed 'Australian Idol' Reigan Derry (top12). Had to edit & prepare the photos & articles for printing this afternoon. Running a bit behind with this edition of the newspaper.

D2: Started a HC Telsadin this morning. They're pretty cool. Finished off my pindleathon runs too- will post my readouts this evening.