Mondaily (3 Dec 2006)


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Mondaily (3 Dec 2006)

Hey, all!!!

Didn't see the daily for today, so I thought I would start it.

RL --> Daily stress from my wife and mom, getting to the point were I'm ready to become single again, but I don't think that will happen. So frustrating...

D2 --> Worked on my Avenger Sorc ALL DAY yesterday, and killed Norm Baal at Lvl 34 (used Pindle to lvl up...) Normal was a little rough being untwinked for now, the only unique she's using right now is a Crushflange and rares everywhere else... I really like the Demonhide Sash that dropped, it's quite nice for dropping in Normal... Might do Norm Baal runs for a bit, so I can equip Ravenfrost as soon as possible (Hopefully in NM Act I, but no later than early NM Act II)... I decided I will use a Silver-Edged Axe for 'Kingslayer' as it yields higher avg dmg than the Champion Axe...



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RL: My girlfriends aquariums back ehhh... ornament broke. It was siliconed to the back wall, and the silicone gave up. So, we have to seal off a room and put it back together with a smelly silicone while the fishes die of some weird reason in another aquarium. Not fun. We have to sleep in the living room, our whole apartment is upside down and shes in the worst possible mood.
Good news is that my parents returned home early today, so i dont have to watch over the dog anymore.

D2: Started on the single pass untwinked tournament. Went pretty good. Wasnt as hard as i thought to clear complete areas.
Played with my friend online our trapper+novanec to act 5 hell. Wondering if i should start a mat/pat thread in the community forum.
Nothing else besides mfing and the surprise 5% bul cathos ring. :thumbsup:

edit: Forgot to mention that i noticed that RRM works online too. Didnt know this before. Is it common knowledge?


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RL- School was a breeze... have basketball later and a good deal of homework..

D2- Pindle running is so relaxing, I swear I run him all day.. hopefully he drops me some decent items today. Might play with the blizzballer I've been messing around with, level 71 now, about to enter hell. Fireball is a lot more powerful than I thoght it would be.


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killed Norm Baal at Lvl 34 (used Pindle to lvl up...)
Lvl 34 at the end of normal? Do you play on /p1? 'Cause on /p8 my characters are usually 49 when they finish up normal.

I decided I will use a Silver-Edged Axe for 'Kingslayer' as it yields higher avg dmg than the Champion Axe...
I had read somewhere that a Feral Axe was best for an enchantress using vengeance because of the speed... is it my faulty memory acting up again?

Edit: Yes, yes it was. Feral is the fastest, but also has the lowest avg. Silly me.

Anyway, good to see another crazy 2h-axe enchantress being built. Mine won't be so lonely now, even though she's only midway through act 2.
I just need to decide between a cold armor and ES now... hmmm.

RL: Typically typical. Moving out at the end of the week... hope I can get everything packed before then!

D2: As above, I'm playing TheyCallMe_Tim, my vengeance enchantress. Mine's twinked to the gills though, and I've got a nice 2h Honor axe waiting at lvl 27.

Bah, this is long enough already.



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RL: work = meh. Might go drink scotch at a neighbour's house tonight.
D2: SUTC. NM Countess-'till-you-puke.


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RL: Back to work after one month and a half. I feel just fine after what happened

D2: Finally able to play again, retaking my blizzballer proyect


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I WIN!!! Hazzah!

RL: I had some full bad luck yesterday, so I decided to change my luck around.
I walked around the city for 30mins looking at all the little newsagencies- walked passed this one in an arcade and went "Yep, this ones gonna be a winner". So I brought a $2 scratchy- of course, I won $10 bucks. Hazzah, I brought a lovely little photography magazine with my $10.

I was reading it at home in the evening and as I went to turn a page, these 2 little scratchies dropped out. I was like "Ouh! Fun..". Usually you'd get nothing (especially after using up ur luck on the first scratchy), so I simply scratched for fun... 1 Lemon... 2 Lemons... 3 Lemons!

Hazzah, I thought I won another $10 bucks!... until I read it....

"Level B Award - 2 Identical Symbols" = 50, 75 or 100 pounds.
"Level A Award - 3 Identical Symbols" = 150 pounds minimum. Maximum prize is 1,000,000 pounds!

Now this is where the problem lies.. the magazine & scratchies come from the UK, so only UK residents can claim the prizes. So I called my friend & shes gonna send it to her aunty (whos trustworthy of course :p) and claim it for me. Hazzah for Psy wins.

I'm happy just with the minimum prize-- it'll be about $380-400AUD. $400 bucks for buying a magazine ain't to bad hey! (I assume its the lowest prize.. I'll die of excitement if it turns out to be 1,000,000 pounds haha).

Thats my luck for the day!

D2: Not much D2 today- been busy working. Organizing that big music festival and such. Will play some more tonight...