Monarch/Troll Nest Spirit questions


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Merick said:
It's what balances spirit sheilds.
I do agree with that point. Even though, with Enigma + Torches + Annihilus strength boosts, you can easily reach this high amount of required Strength (add WT and some strength boost in Rings and Amulet for that).

My Meteorb has base Strength, wears a Spirit monarch and doesn't use the strength bug... :rolleyes:

- Frosty


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Tings said:
i saw a spirit aegis once. i felt like reaching across the internet and smacking the guy.
I suppose he also had a Delerium Spired Helm and a HotO Scourge? :yikes:


Evah said:
I suppose he also had a Delerium Spired Helm and a HotO Scourge? :yikes:
I have a delirium spired helm and a hoto scourge, not on the same charater but I have those. LOL

Monsinour lvl 84 Avenger


hoto scourge isn't actually all that bad.

any character using a hoto is probably also using enigma, so they will be able to hold a scourge.


It's a poor choice of screen caps, because it shows a shield that was made either in a test environment or through some illegitimate means. This page shows all shield base items along with their maximum sockets, which for a trolls nest is still three.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


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Allright, thanks for the info!
I usually refer to the page you link as well so that's why I was a little confused. Someone should probably change that pic.