mods .. what good?


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mods .. what good?

i've played Diablo II when it came out. now, replaying it with much vigor. I forgot how much fun it is. However, my memory is too good and I remember so many things. I know there are many mods out there and I'm just playing over the LAN at home. What I would like is a mod that would allow me to have mostly all new creatures, quests, weapons, and things for each of my LOD classes. And of course, play over the LAN.

Also, can I copy my diablo2 directory to another directory, make all the mods there, and run that version? I like to keep my LOD pure for pay, but to play a mod version when that's my hunger.

I forgot how much I love this game!! I tried to find alternatives that were more modern like "Lion Heart" but nothing was close. Is there something out there that's awesome like DiabloII to play while DiabloIII makes us wait?