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I've presented my modernized runewords idea all over the Internet except the very roots of the Diablo communities. Who else would better judge the runeword variation than the Diablo 2 focused community?

So, I suggested that all Primals would roll with a rune imbued to them and a runeword would be formed throughout the equipped gear. However, the Primals were taken into another direction so I improved the idea to fit better in Diablo 3 but still remaining the additional dimension concerning the builds. With the changes, I also changed runes to Relics but that's only a visual change.


A new system besides Kanai's Cube and Legendary gems to increase the build variety and the excitement of the looting.

  • Every Ancient and every Primal would now roll with a random Relic imbued to them.
  • The Relic may be taken away from the item and used into another item by an expensive recipes. Costs 1 to 3 Consumables(?). Consumable is very rarely dropping item in D3.
  • When a character equips correct Relics, it forms a Relic Revelation that gives player a certain legengary ability or a group of affixes.
  • One Relic can be part of multiple Relic Revelations!
  • Each Relic would have a small individual bonus regardless of the other Relics such as "5% additional chance to freeze on hit"
Primals COULD demand extra consumable to get recipes working but only if it sound reasonable.

The recipes would mean that people could upgrade their old items with high price. On the other hand, even the unused legendaries would have a chance to be used if they form a powerful Revelation as it would take time to players to have enough consumable to really shift the Relics until the very endgame. The journey leading to the build used would be much more interesting and much less internet guided.

NOTE! The Revelations are currently way out of balance! They must be weighted carefully.

What would you do differently? When you vote, vote for the system itself, not the unbalanced "Runewords" as the original idea was to buff more unused skills like channeling skills. If you like the idea for its' base purpose, feel free to comment on the original topic of the idea, the PTR forums, as that topic is most likely to gain devs' attention:

Now that Necromancer is coming, what would be better Necro DLC booster than the Runeword variable themselves?

The original, more runeword focused idea:

Why I changed the way how runewords work? It almost feels like Runewords are damned to be introduced in Diablo 3. However, I would like the depth they provide. So better to introduce them so that they could be easierly adapted on D3.
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I loved Rune Words because I could create it in any weapon with the correct number of sockets. I was able to run the look and build I wanted.


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Agreed. It is odd that they never implemented Runewords for third Diablo in one form or another.