Modem/Internet connection problem after patch


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Modem/Internet connection problem after patch

Hey all,

I've had one hell of a weekend with my computer ever since I uploaded the new patch. Last Wednesday night, I restarted my D2 addiction and was playing fine after uploading the new patch. I was having a blast actually... Logged off at 2 am Thursday morning and went to bed. Thursday night, got home from work, started up my computer, and I can't get on the net... no google... no nothing. Restarted the modem, restarted the computer... still the same. Spent an hour on the phone with the internet company's help desk... they say my connection is up ... I"m connected, but I can't get on a brower screen and suggest I bring my computer to a repair place. I refuse to believe my computer is "sick" so I restore my system to 2 weeks earlier... and uninstall D2. My computer works fine ! Friday night, I re-installed D2... Played fine until early saturday morning.... logged off and go to bed. Saturday afternoon, turned on the computer and the same problem occurs... NO INTERNET CONNECTION !!! I uninstalled D2... my internet connection is on again !

So, I spent the entire weekend to reinstall/uninstall D2 trying to fix this damn bug but I can't... so now... after restoring my system to the way it was back in April, my computer is working fine. I didn't install D2 ... and was very sad because I would have loved to race up the ladder with everyone else this season... but the new patch is totally screwing up my system...

Does anyone else have the same problem ??? Anybody know how I can fix this ?