Mlvl/hlvl weapons + other qns


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Hi all. I've just reached NM A1 on my untwinked (almost) single pass Frenzy sword barb (lvl 49).

1. I feel my kill speed is a little lacking, and am on a lookout for better weapons. Currently, I'm using a malice war sword and civerb cudgel. What weapons (or bases) should I be on a lookout for or dreaming of at this stage? Should I be shopping/gambling/crafting? So far I'm only thinking of making a strength or honor rune word in a better base. I ignored a 2 soc gladius in norm A5 and I'm a little regretting it.

2. As for end game items, I was thinking of working towards oath + crescent moon. Then I came across lawbringer, and despite the weaker stats, its aura and decrep looks helpful. Any thoughts? I'm not even sure if I will be able to luck pul um and mal in single pass though..

3. Also for those with single pass experience, what's the chances that I will have enough runes to make multiple of these mid rune words? The problem with me now is that I'm unwilling to spend runes on 'weaker bases' as I have this fear of not having the said runes ready when I find an ideal base (or that I will be able to find a better base soon...). For example, making an oath in a non ethereal weapon. Or what's the point of my single pass play when I finally find my dream 15ed ethereal 4s CS in a5 hell..

4. What's a good base for treachery? Or does it not matter and I should just make it in any 3 soc exceptional/elite armour that I can wear/find first, and then upgrade later?

5. Insight looks like a pretty good merc weapon. At this NM A1 stage, what are some good bases which I should look out for? Then what base to upgrade later? Or are there other unique/runeword weapons I can dream of that will blow insight away?

6. What are some realistic options for CBF for untwinked single pass?

Thanks all!


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1. If you are single-pass, your only option really is crafting and gambling (or lucking out). Though gambling is probably wasted, due to high gold cost of weapons and relatively low chance of getting anything useful. Maybe the compilation thread could give you some ideas: Characters marked with asterisks are untwinked.

4. If you are playing single pass i'd probably save the precious runes for a very good end-game worthy base.

5. Insight is indeed very good weapon for merc. Reaper's, Obedience and other hurty weapons can be also very good choices.

6. Darksight Helm is always good, it also comes with charges of CoS and Mana Leech. Death's Belt also has CBF, but the 2 rows of potions could be restricting. Voice of Reason RW may be an interesting choice, maybe even quite good with Frenzy.