MLK was an evil Republican


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A valiant effort at trying to deflect people from this weeks main anti-GOP story. I give it a 5.5/10, so kudos to you. :thumbsup:

So, fo real, what shizzle is going to be the October Surprise this time around. And is there any chance that it wont have anything to do with Clin-Ton?


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Are we playing that stupid game again where we pretend the modern political parties have anything in common with their policies of 45+ years ago? Get some new material, Smeg.


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Evil Conservative Inc said:
Well... they do want us to accept deviant behavior...
What, they're supporting Foley's boy-****ing now?

By the way, congrats on discovering that the Democrats and Republicans of the 1960s are exactly the same as those of today. Maybe in your next post you can point to the Dixiecrats as evidence of evil Dem racism, and ignore the fact that they all trickled into the GOP later on.

* insert comment about Jesse Jackson working for MLK *