MLD druids.


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MLD druids.

Looking for ideas on a build for a mid lvl dueling druid. Prefer lvl 36-42. HC so High chances of survival. Probably going fury.

Anyone have ideas as to weapons/armors and such? Dont need a total guide. But any help that anyone can give in certain areas they think would be good would be awesome!


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Hrm, hardcore, I guess I don't have much say...but I have built an MLD druid before. He was fissure, and you can make it work with just a Spirit, a VMagi and a all takes practice, so maybe you should make one on softcore to get the hang of it before you try it on HC.

Yes Sir I Will

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don't use fireclaws for HC. this is my advice to you.
trust me, I had one on sc and I'm 9000% sure it would NOT do well on hc.
it was fun, sure. good survivability and all, but it'd almost never get you kills on hc.
here's le stats from back in the day
that was with 10x shape of sustinence gc's too ><;