missing one skill point


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missing one skill point

This is very strange. I've counted it for more then 10 times now but I am really missing one skill point!

My druid is currently lvl 81 and he has completed all quests. This means I should have 93 skill points (81 from the lvl up's and 12 from the completed quests)

But I have only spent 92 skill points (and i have none left) !!

1x arctic blast
20x cyclone armor
17x twister
20x tornado
20x hurricane

1x raven
1x summon spirit wolf
1x summon dire wolf
1x summon grizzly
10x oak sage

Anyone knows how this is possible?
I have allready talked to Akara on all dificulties.
Maybe it has something to do with the Book of Skill?

Help plz!

Epsilon Eyez

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Its all a matter of bad math. Level 81 does not equal 81 skill points, it only equals 80, due to the fact that you start from level 1. Level 1 to Level 2 nets one skill point. Level 3 = 2 points. Level 4 = 3 and so on so forth.


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Epsilon Eyez has it right, as far as the math goes.

However I have personally lost a skill point, so it is possible. I assigned a newly-gained skill point and then immediately quit the game (I was in a hurry to leave). Note that I said 'quit', not 'save and exit'. When I opened the character the next time that new point was missing, and I did not have any unassigned points. (It was the first point in a skill, so I know it wasn't a case of miscounting.)

Moral: I now always save and exit properly, no matter how much of a hurry I may be in!


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is that possible? i dont think it should be. make sure you dont have a stray point assigned somewhere unexpected. i would probably never believe this unless it happened to me, and i had counted and recounted several hundred times. heh.