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Minor aesthetic changes

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by sicilian, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. sicilian

    sicilian IncGamers Member

    Feb 2, 2008
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    Minor aesthetic changes

    I saw a thread (can't remember if it was here or the official blizzard forums) that talked about bringing back the gauntlet cursor that the original games had. It got me thinking, what other little details from the previous games would we like to see back in D3?

    The one for me is the "casual" look of your character while they're in town. In D1, I thought it was a nice touch that when your character returned to Tristram, his weapon was sheethed, his posture was more relaxed, and with certain sets of armor his helmet was off and held under his arm.

    It's a minor thing, but I feel weird standing in front of a peaceful townsperson, decked out in full gear and hunched like I'm ready to slice their head off.

    Anyone else have any little details they hope make a return in D3?
  2. Lord_Jaroh

    Lord_Jaroh IncGamers Member

    Dec 28, 2004
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    Re: Minor aesthetic changes

    There are lots of things I want to see back:

    The "Deep Dungeon" aspect - I'd like to see lots of dungeons, and many of them deeper than the 2-3 levels we got in D2. In a way I'd like to see some you couldn't "escape" from with a TP, just to add a bit of edge-of-of-seat ness.

    "Fog of War" - I want my Vision circle back, so that I could be surprised by monsters coming on screen. I like the claustrophobic feeling that it gave you, creeping through the dungeons not knowing what was up ahead.

    "Walking" - I hope the sprinting goes the way of the do-do. I definately enjoyed the slower creep-fest of the first Diablo more.

    Diablo I Shrines - I liked these a lot better than the D2 ones, more the looks and less the effects. I liked the little blurb that it would say and then something would happen. It was far more engrossing than a giant hand floating above a pillar of stone.

    The Cursor - I too would like the cursor to make it's appearance. Anything to help keep the Diablo flavor in the game, on top of that, I would rather have "runish" looking skill buttons rather than the full color ones on the current GUI. I just don't like those at all.

    Runes - Speaking of runes, I would like to see these come back, now that they are introduced. Runes, gems, jewels and even charms I'd like to see back.

    Cubing - In some form or another I hope to see more recipes for creating items, whether that be with the cube or with something else. As long as it's portable, I'm happy.

    Breakable weapons - I would like to see durability matter in this game again, beyond just being a money-pit. I liked the fear that using your items to death could bring you.

    Elixers - Being able to up your stats this way would be nice as well as the normal way. Just make stat caps and you are set.

    I would like to see more random overworld maps. Knowing that Rakinishu was in the Stoney Field each and every time kind of detracted from the replayability at times. But having the Blood Moor for example big enough to house multiple caves, not just the one Den of Evil would be nice.

    I want to see Death animations as well as stable corpses, rather than the numerous giblets that rapidly disappear.

    The sound of the money and items is important I think, so I hope the SFX stay put.

    That should be enough for now.

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