Minions go poof


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Minions go poof

Do necromancer summons normally die if you go too far from them? I'm playing SP, and I just lost NINE skeletons, three mages, and 4 revives while backtracking over an area I just cleared. :shocked:

So is something odd going on here, or am I just going too far ahead of them?


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yeah i notice it from time to time, mostly when i have an iron golem made out of an insight, and i am running to fast and they just go poof....not with skellies usually, but with revives and golem, tele fixes such issues!!


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yes they do.. they leave too far behind and die. sad but true

there are few ways to fix this..

a) enigma (tele for 'free')
b) item with tele charges (ammys, staffs etc, set imes like najs staff)
c) tp-town-back, this way its slow and feels kinda dump

your best bet is to get tele chrages or enigma (in sp might be kinda hard..)

still necros can do nicely without tele.. its just slwoer cause yuo have to wait for the summons :grin: