Miniguide to the pvp wandbarb


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What kind of charms do you use?
and what would be the best charms possible?
100psn/20 life or 451 psn


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hmmm. it is fun, and i am realy into fun builds (my main is a bear sorc) but i cant see that this char can beat a psn necro in any way.


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you will have the switch to dwebs before your arrow of widowmaker hits then, wich is kinda hard.
I like physical ww switch for the offensively defense if you get my drift.
Especially some smiters are fun duels (maybe because i hate em so much). Many of them just stand shiftsmiting until they notice their half life is gone by poison, then they either run town or start chasing you in wich case you start wwing.

A lower res wand has only the effect of 1 dwebs. So replacing it isn't worth it, and i dont like the hassle casting it. If you don't do damage with dwebs you probably won't do damage with -50% extra either.

Off course there are many chars that you don't hurt much. Especially wizhammerdins can have huge stacked poisonres i noticed


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Spike + Treks + Anni + Torch + Spirit Shield + Anya = 295 poison res (doesn't include +res charms (not likely on a wizzydin) or other gear)


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this is actually a pretty impressive build, not only unorthodox, but I bet it leaves most people wondering WTF just happened


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i'll make some movies of my 2fpa bearsin this weekend. Although she sucks in duels it's funny to watch the attackspeed. Or do you rather have movies of a bearsorc or zealsorc?


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I've seen the videos of your zeal and bear sorcs on youtube, haven't seen a 2fpa bearsin yet though


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antidote potions...

that way people can also drink thawing potions when they duel cold sorc

from arreat:
Thawing Potion
This potion instantly removes ill effects from cold spells. You also receive +50 Cold Resistance and +10 to Maximum Cold Resistance for 30 seconds.

didnt tried are the 2 or more potions are cumulative (goes for antidotes also)

blizzard should make, that when you go hostile with someone, inventory turns red same way like whirlwinding... that way you cant changing equipment, prebuffing and drinking any potions

potions are not cumulative. just tried with mule in hell...


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yep, mace mastery works for staves too. Also the str req of only 18 is cool on the staff. And i just love the sound of a hitting staff. I sometimes use arreat+Stormshield+Fortitude scourge+res boots.
But that's more of a defensive setup then to really hit with.
I still want a fury scourge. OW + the venom from deaths webs must be a strong draining combo.
I know a lot of things can be better, but all other options lack style imho, and style is the only strong point of this char. Just call me crazy, i see that as a compliment in the nowadays d2 environment, that nearly solemnly exists of hammerdins and smiters.
Why don't you max lets say axe mastery and use a standard BvC equip on switch? I mean the AR boost and dmg boost from mace mastery to the dwebs isn't the main purpose is it.

Also what's your AR with wand?



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I remember there is a dagger that has insane poison damage on it that I use for my poison necro...would that be of any use?

Also a supirior war pike with like max sockets and stocked full of +75 poison damage runes?


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Re: Miniguide to the pvp wandbarb

I know this is an old post, but i've seen one such barb before..
He had 37x 451psn scs, 2x deaths web, and widowmaker on switch...

I think he had 20k-ish psn damage, and trust me, he was cleaning a pub (GM, ofc, no antidoes)..

Also, if people are antidoting, just swap to another char, seeing that if you can afford a good wandbarb, you're bound to be able to afford another good char..